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Juventus-Roma a centennial challenge – The Sentinel of Canavese Ivrea

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Turone’s goal, Del Piero and Totti’s strikes Often two rivals in the fight for the Scudetto



The matches are all the same. A classic. And also a lie: Juventus-Roma will never be like the others in terms of charm, rivalry, tradition. A romanzone, made up of goals and symbols, which it is unfair to reduce to isolated controversies: “er go ‘de’ Turone”, forty years old very well, still divides and uncomfortable slow motion, but if it resists it is because it belongs to the formidable eighties, when the two teams were queens, and more generally in a timeless challenge between the industrial North and the capital that rebels against its domination in football. In support of market intrigues, footballers paraded in hotels and technicians who cross the highway in one night. Sunday’s game alone lines up an infinite number of sliding doors: there is Allegri who had already signed with Roma, but then chose to stay at Milan and if he hadn’t changed his mind he would not have written Juventus history, there is Chiellini who he is an ex, but hardly anyone knows because he only dressed the Giallorossi at a tournament in Viareggio, there is Zaniolo who cheered Juve as a child and Luca Pellegrini who is a Roman from Cinecittà and grew up in Trigoria.

It is the past, however, that gives the greatest emotions. A crescendo from the first crossings in 1927 at the Appio Velodrome in Rome or in Corso Marsiglia in Turin: the few times in which the ranking has trivialized the meeting, rivalry and pride have compensated, turning even races without appeal into a great match. By sifting through, the Juventus away victory in 1930 stands out which broke Testaccio’s unbeaten run, the Giallorossi 5-0 the following year which did not preclude the Scudetto of Carcano’s team, but left a trace so deep as to become a film, on 3 -1 winger of Rome in ’36 which marked the end of the Golden Quinquennium, the seven goals scored by the bianconeri in 1932 and in ’50 and the 4-1 Roma player in ’58 against the battleship of Charles, Sivori and Boniperti.

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In 1973, Cuccureddu’s goal in the 90th minute: Olimpico violated (2-1) and overtaking at the last minute on Milan and Lazio which earned the championship, and then the zero to zero of 81 which gives Turone eternity, and the victory comeback by Platini and Brio that did not prevent Liedholm, in 83, from realizing the dream of the championship. And again the overthrow of Pruzzo in the same year for an equal in extremis at the Comunale and the sprint of 1985-’86, the flight of Eriksson’s Rome mortified by the sensational defeat against Lecce already relegated.

In between, other epic challenges, other sculpted moments, other quarrels: the 2-2 comeback in Turin, designed by Nakata and Montella, allowed Roma to repel the assault and sail towards the third championship 2000-2001, igniting the controversy for the regulation changed in the running on the employment of non-EU citizens. It was Fabio Capello’s Rome, a symbol for the Giallorossi people who experienced the transition to Juve as a betrayal.

An intricate story among many of the transfer market: Ferrara and Paulo Sousa were destined for Rome and instead ended up in Turin, ditto Oliseh who had even been unofficially announced, Iturbe and Destro, at the time very courted jewels, paraded from Rome to Juve. And around, however, also operations between the two clubs, swapped jerseys, from Spinosi and Manfredonia to Vucinic and Pjanic, passing through Szczesny with the Arsenal filter. And then Totti and Del Piero, rivals and friends, the famous four fingers shown by the Giallorossi captain to Igor with the mimic “shut up and at home” in 2004 and the hand raised to his ear by Osvaldo to silence the Olimpico after the winning goal of 2014 at the last moment. And again the accusations of Zeman, a Romanist icon and black and white smoke in the eyes, and the promises and sacrifices of Viola and Sensi and today the American ambitions: on the other side, always, the Agnelli. –

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