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J&W Feltre and Valbelluna: a victory is needed

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In a way, they both need a win. Even if the reasons appear very different. Between tonight and tomorrow, the two Belluno basketball teams partly begin to outline how their respective season will continue.

In order of category, let’s start with J&W Feltre, currently bottom-up in the Eastern group of the C Silver series. A win at the debut and then four consecutive defeats: this is the roadmap, so far. Not the best of life, but the many injuries suffered by the players of coach Damiano Scanu are weighing. The last two knockouts, however, speak of almost two dubs in terms of points, far too much. Which is why tomorrow at Luzzo (6 pm) it is urgent to change the pace against Ormelle. A hand must also be given by the public, always a factor for the boys from Feltre.

On the other hand, the one who is doing great is the Veneta 21 Valbelluna in Serie D: three successes in as many home matches. But now we need to start moving the ranking even away from home. If that happens, then the playoff bid will become real. The commitment tonight at 20.30 should not be underestimated, but in front of us there is still a Priula always defeated up to now. It seems like the right occasion to try to cheer even away from Polpet.

Finally, tonight the First Division Fonzaso will also be on the parquet. Appointment at 21 in the home gym against the Bishop.

6th day C Silver: J&W Feltre – Ormelle (tomorrow, 6 pm), Vigor Conegliano – Virtus Lido, Spresiano – Pieve di Soligo, North Coast – Caorle. Ranking: Conegliano, Pieve Soligo 8, Ormelle, Litorale Nord 6, Caorle, Spresiano 4, Virtus L, J&W Feltre 2.

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6th matchday series D: Priula – Veneta 21 Valbelluna (tonight, 8.30 pm), Paese – Istrana, Silea – Castelfranco Veneto, Monastier – Motta. Ranking: Istrana 10, Paese 8, Veneta 21 Valbelluna 6, Silea, Castelfranco Veneto, Monastier, Motta 4, Priula 0. –


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