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J&W, too many absences: he never enters the game and the Pieve di Soligo is rampant

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J&W, thud in the advance in Pieve di Soligo. Still too many absences to be able to think of going to win on the parquet of one of the top formations of the East group of C Silver. The problem, if anything, concerns the fact that Feltre never entered the game, immediately losing contact with the Treviso players and in the end remedying more than double the difference points. So here comes the fourth consecutive defeat for the team led by coach Damiano Scanu. Luca Bettin, Camazzola, Novakovic, Dalla Rosa, plus someone on the bench only for the sake of signing, see for example Buziol. A real quintet of experience was lacking at J&W, which among other things, among the available players, counted on some returning players like Gobbo. Too many white flags really, for anyone. It is no coincidence that the guests remain attached to the result only in the early points of the day. There is also a single situation of advantage over 4-2, with Feltrin and Gobbo to sign, but the first period will go to the archive at 22-6. At that point it is evident that there is no history, especially because in front of it little is combined and instead the defensive phase manages to limit almost nothing of the verve of the attackers of Pieve. 78-35 speaks more than anything else. «It was almost unthinkable to hypothesize to obtain a useful result», explains the manager Michele Stach, «the fact is that in the last three days we have been confronted with Spresiano, Conegliano and Pieve, or rather the most accredited teams in the top positions. They proved to be superior, even athletically. We, on the other hand, are dealing with several defections and now the real goal is to recover as many players as possible ». Also because, as Stach underlines, «on the first day with Litorale Nord we were all in fact and we imposed ourselves well, in the presence of an opponent who then made no mistakes. Sorry about the defeat of Martellago, as there the two points were within reach ».

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Now, if nothing else, there are some useful days to try to recover as much strength as possible. The next appointment on the calendar is Sunday 21, at home against Ormelle.

“We’ll see who will be able to make it back”, concludes Stach, “without a doubt we will face a match to try and win.”

5th day: Ormelle – North Coast, Vigor Conegliano – Spresiano, Caorle – Virtus Lido, Pieve di Soligo – J&W Feltre 78-35 (yesterday).

Ranking: North Coast, Conegliano, Pieve Soligo 6, Spresiano, Ormelle 4, V.Lido, Caorle, J&W Feltre 2. –

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