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Kane: Sterling will score another 5 goals and will kiss him the European Cup champions far beat the club_England

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Original title: Kane: Sterling will score another 5 goals and will kiss him the European Cup champion will win the club far

The 2020 European Cup semi-final is about to start, England and Denmark compete for a seat in the final. As the venue of the game is at Wembley Stadium in London, the Three Lions have the advantage of the home court. This is their best chance to win the first European Cup in team history. At the moment of the war, England captain Kane said that Sterling, who has scored 3 goals, will kiss the England Wing if he can score 5 goals in the European Cup. In addition, Kane also said that for England to win the 2020 European Cup, the importance and gold content will surpass any club championship.

In this European Cup, the happy boy Sterling performed outstandingly, scoring 3 goals and 1 assist. Among them, he arranged the only 2 goals of England in the group stage, and almost led the team to the knockout game by himself. Nowadays, Sterling and Kane are the few players who have a chance to hit the European Cup Golden Boot. If they score in the semi-finals and England reach the European Cup final, then they have a real chance to surpass the number of goals. Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer.

Speaking of Sterling, Kane said: “If Sterling can score 5 more goals by the end of the tournament, then I will kiss him after the big game, because this probability will help us win the European Cup. Stirling and I get along very well. We have known each other for a long time and worked together for a long time in England. I said after playing in Germany that they underestimated Sterling. He is a leader. He is one of the players with the most voice in the team. Sterling has a wealth of experience since he was a child, and has played in the top matches for the club and England. He is very happy that he can score goals in a consistent way. So far , His performance in the European Cup is close to perfect, he is an important part of our success, hope we can continue this momentum. Of course, no matter who scores, me, Sterling and other players, it doesn’t matter. Our goal is to win the game and hope we can help the team.”

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Before winning the first European Cup in team history, England has only 2 games left. Kane said that he won the championship for the national team and surpassed any club competition. “I think it means everything. In my opinion, I have always It is said that winning a championship for England will surpass any club championship. It has been a long time since we won the championship last time, and it was 55 years ago. To be honest, only if you win the championship, then you Being able to become a part of history and then be remembered, so we will never forget that successful history. We now have a good opportunity. We must grasp the opportunity with our hands and not let it slip away.”

It is worth mentioning that Kane has not won any trophies at the club level so far. Because of this, the news that he is leaving Tottenham after the end of last season came out. In other words, if England can really win this European Cup, then Kane will get the first championship trophy of his career.Return to Sohu to see more


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