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Kane, ultimatum to Tottenham: Spurs or Bayern Munich by the weekend

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Kane, ultimatum to Tottenham: Spurs or Bayern Munich by the weekend

The German club offered Tottenham more than 100 million euros: the offer was rejected. As reported by Sky Sports colleagues, the striker wants to solve the puzzle about his future by the start of the new Premier League season, scheduled for this weekend


The German champions don’t give up the lead that leads to Harry Kane. Despite the refusal by the Tottenham to the latest offer from the Bavarians (over 100 million euros), the Bayern insists on reinforcing the attack. However, the agreement between the two clubs is slow in coming, but the exclusion of the center forward from the match against Barcelona in the Gamper Trophy it can represent a clue, even if from England they let it be known that the non-use of Kane is due not to market issues but for to preserve the attacker given the imminent start of the new season.

Ultimatum Kane, a decision will be made by the end of the week

Harry Kane and a future yet to be written. Despite the request of spurs fans, who on the occasion of the friendly against lo Shakhtar they asked the attacker to stay, his stay in the Premier is not yet certain. Meanwhile, under the guidance of PostecoglouKane continues to score even in friendly matches, as happened against the Ukrainians with a poker. The risk of leaving at zero parameter next season (his contract expires in 2024), he wants to be averted by both sides: here’s why within the first championship match against Tottenham’s Brentfordthe attacker will want to have certainties about his own future: stay in England or fly to Germany.

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Goncalo Ramos is from PSG: all shots abroad

Postecoglou: “We will do everything possible for Kane to stay”

In the meantime, the Tottenham coach has also appeared Postecoglou he had his say on the market rumors concerning the centre-forward: “I have an open dialogue with Harry and the club. I told them to let me know in case things change. I work with what I have available and, with or without KaneI’m building a team here. I’m not talking about players who have contracts with other teamsbut I’m not from Bayern so I can talk about Harry. He is a world-class player and is from TottenhamOf course I’ll let him start the next games. Our game will be aimed at his goals.”

Premier League, the calendar of the first day

The Premier League it will all be live on Sky Sport. The reigning champions of the Manchester City they will make their debut on Friday 11 August on the field of the newly promoted team Burnley coached by the former captain Kompany, while the big match between Chelsea e Liverpool. It closes on May 19, 2024.

1^ DAY (11-12-13-14 August 2023)
August 11th

ore 20: Burnley-Manchester City

August 12th

ore 12: Arsenal-Nottingham Forest
ore 15: Bournemouth-West Ham
ore 15: Brighton-Luton
ore 15: Everton-Fulham
ore 15: Sheffield United-Crystal Palace
ore 17:30: Newcastle-Aston Villa

August 13th

ore 14: Brentford-Tottenham
ore 16:30: Chelsea-Liverpool

August 14th

ore 20: Manchester United-Wolverhampton

Premier League

The Premier League calendar for the 2023/24 season has been announced and will be all live on Sky Sports. The reigning champions Manchester City will make their debut on Friday 11 August on the field of the newly promoted Burnley coached by ex-captain Kompany, while the big match between Chelsea and Liverpool immediately stands out on the first day. It closes on May 19, 2024: here are the most important dates of the season and all the big matches

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1^ DAY (11-12-13-14 August 2023)
August 11th

8pm: Burnley-Manchester City 12 August 12pm: Arsenal-Nottingham Forest 3pm: Bournemouth-West Ham 3pm: Brighton-Luton 3pm: Everton-Fulham 3pm: Sheffield United-Crystal Palace 5.30pm: Newcastle- Aston Villa 13 August at 2pm: Brentford-Tottenham at 4.30pm: Chelsea-Liverpool 14 August at 8pm: Manchester United-Wolverhampton Here are the most important dates of the 2023/24 season

2nd DAY (19-20 August 2023, dates and times to be established)

Aston Villa-Everton
Crystal Palace-Arsenal
Manchester City-Newcastle
Nottingham Forest-Sheffield United
Tottenham-Manchester United
West Ham-Chelsea

BOXING DAY – 19th DAY (December 26, 2023)

Arsenal-West Ham
Chelsea-Crystal Palace
Everton-Manchester City
Manchester United-Aston Villa
Newcastle-Nottingham Forest
Sheffield United-Luton Town


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