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Kangaroos Mechelen on their way to third title in a row

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After a third cup triumph in a row, Kangaroos Mechelen can win the title for the third consecutive time on Sunday. — © BELGA

Castors Braine – Kangaroos Mechelen First class women

Antwerp –

Kangaroos Mechelen won the first game of the women’s final of the play-offs in Castors Braine 43-61. In this best of three, the second match is on Sunday (3:15 PM) in the Winketkaai in Mechelen. Provided Kangaroos win, a third consecutive double (title/cup) will be a fact.

Kangaroos Mechelen countered a quick deficit (4-0) with a quick 0-12 intermediate spurt and never relinquished the lead. After the first quarter, Kangaroos had a 9-16 bonus. No response from Castors in the second quarter, who finished terribly. The Mechelen ladies took further distance via Elina Aarnisalo and Cathy Reese (17-29) and went into halftime with a 20-34 lead. Castors Braine also acted nervously in the third step and never posed a threat to a precise Kangaroos. Cathy Reese netted the twenty-something 25-47 with a bomb. 15-year-old Annie Kibedi scored for the Maneblussers, Laure Resimont (7 points, 10 rebounds) grabbed rebounds and from 33-50, despite a late reaction from Castors Braine, it went to a convincing Mechelen victory. The road to a new title party on Sunday is completely open.

Riot around possible decisive belle

In the meantime, there is also a row between both teams regarding a possible third and decisive match. In the quarter- and semi-finals there was a “Friday-Sunday and possibly Tuesday” format. In the final, Kangaroos Mechelen deviates from that programming. The second match is on Sunday, but a possible belle is not on Tuesday but only on Saturday, April 27. Due to the new “priority rule” in the WNBA, Victaria Saxton, the American power forward of Castors Braine, must be present at her club Indiana Fever on the 25th. Castors Braine says that Kangaroos Mechelen deliberately places this match on Saturday because the Walloon Brabant team would then not have Saxton available.

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Castors Braine-Kangaroos Mechelen 43-61

Quartz: 9-16, 11-18, 7-14, 16-13

Castors Braine: Leblon 8 , Dossou 7, Lindstrom 5, Saxton 12, Joris 4, Vervaet 4, Diallo 0, Febrissy 3 , Nikitinaite 0

Kangoeroes Mechelen: Strautmane 5, Aarnisalo 15, Resimont 7, Nauwelaers 2, Reese 19, Van Gils 2, Kovacevic 1, Denys 2, Kibedi 8, Bruyndoncx 0

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