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KD: This is just 1 out of 82 games to get better on this basis_Kevin Durant

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Original title: KD: This is just 1 out of 82 games to get better on this basis

Beijing October 20th news, Kevin Durant contributed 32 points and 11 rebounds, but unfortunately the Brooklyn Nets lost 104-127 to the defending champion Bucks in the opening game.

“We didn’t play very well,” Nets coach Steve Nash said. “If you don’t play a high-level game against a championship team, you won’t win. Now we are in many ways. Lack of continuity, the team still has a long way to go. Our mental and physical confrontation are not enough…but we will not overreact. For others, some of the guys in our team are completely It’s a newcomer.”

Throughout the game, the Bucks controlled the situation on the court. They played a 21-4 offensive climax in the first quarter of the game and extended their advantage to 31-12. In the second quarter, they again extended their lead to 19 points, a half. At the end of the game, they led the Nets 66-59. In the next game, the Bucks’ lead has never been less than 7 points. In addition, the Bucks lead the Nets 54-44 in rebounds.

“This is just one game in 82 games. We have been trying hard to climb the whole game because the opponent has more possessions than us. We can’t let a team take 20 more shots than us (21 ).” Durant said after the game, “They are a team with continuity. There are not many teams in the league with this characteristic. If you want to beat them, someone must match this. To me, every game is like a playoff game.”

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Durant jokingly stated that he should retract his “dynasty” comments on the Bucks during Olympic training. Speaking of teammate James Harden, Durant said: “We haven’t seen him on the court for a while, and so is LaMarcus (Aldridge). It feels really good to see them play.”

Speaking of the next game, Durant said: “I am very excited, I look forward to the next game, to see how we can get better on this basis.” (Chenchen)Return to Sohu to see more


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