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Ke Jie failed to challenge Shen Zhenzhen and suffered a seven-game losing streak.

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The 25th Nongshim Cup Three-Nation Go Tournament continued in Shanghai on February 21, with the third phase seeing Chinese player Ke Jie challenging the Korean team’s leader Shin Jin-seok. Despite their previous encounters, Ke Jie lost to Shin Jin-seok, reversing their record to 11 wins to 12 wins. Earlier in the tournament, the Korean team’s main player Shin Jin-soo also defeated Chinese player Xie Hao and Jingshan Yu. Tai, Zhao Chenyu.

The game saw Ke Jie falling into a disadvantage early, with Shin Jin-seok ultimately securing a victory after an intense match. This win marked Shin Jin-seok’s 4th consecutive victory in the competition and his 14th consecutive victory in the cross-season Nongshim Cup, tying Lee Chang-ho’s historical record.

The Nongshim Cup adopts an arena format, where the winner stays in the ring and the loser is eliminated. In the previous 24 Nongshim Cups, the South Korean team has achieved consecutive championships in the last three times. The last time the Chinese team won the championship was back in 2020.

The competition continues with the Chinese team’s Ding Hao challenging Shen Zhenzhen in the ninth level, with a decisive battle looming if Ding Hao loses. The role of top chess players is particularly evident in this format, with the Chinese team, South Korean team, and Japanese team winning 8, 15, and 1 championships respectively in the previous tournaments.

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