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KIMA TROPHY 2024 |  Sportdimontagna.com

Kima Trophy, the wait is over. Registration reserved for the 200 finishers of the two qualifying races for 2023 will open on Friday 1 December (Livigno Skymarathon e Grigne Skymarathon); There are 100 places up for grabs per race regardless of the overall placing until the set maximum is reached (the quickest to register will consequently have a greater chance of realizing their dream).

The remaining 150 bibs will be up for grabs on Friday 12 January. For the second window the rules of engagement are the same as for 2022: aspiring starters will have to fill out a format in which they will be required to have completed a series of qualified races and have a minimum of ITRA points (650 for men, 500 for women). A mix of experience and performance will therefore be required of them. The other date to be marked in red on the race calendar is Saturday 24th August, with the option of Sunday 25th in case of uncertain weather.

«The pilot project started with Livigno Skymarathon and Grigne Skymarathon, aimed at creating a real circuit of top-level events that protects and enhances the adrenaline-pumping routes of true skyrunning, has had truly encouraging feedback: both events managed to make money out of bibs – he began Ilde Marchetti, president of the Kima Association -. The idea was given to us by the champion Marco De Gasperi and we immediately embraced it. What we want is for these competitions to help us preserve the technicality of skyrunning, communicating it with breathtaking images and photos so as to continue to make entire generations of sky runners dream. In short, the mission is to keep the origins of skyrunning alive by telling it in a modern way. The races chosen will not be for everyone, but they belong to everyone. They are a heritage to be defended and preserved. For the moment we have found two in Italy, in the future we will choose two more foreign ones among the different ones that have already proposed”.

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Going into detail and focusing attention on the first registration window, Marchetti continued: «Getting a bib for the most technical and spectacular race in the entire Alpine region is not easy. The credentials required are a good amount of experience and a minimum of ITRA points (650 for men, 500 for women). The undertaking, however, is far from easy: there are 350 bibs available and for the latest edition more than 2000 requests were received from all over the world. The 2023 Livigno Skymarathon and Grigne Skymarathon finishers, however, will have direct access to registration without going through the draw. What will determine their access to the grid will not be the placing obtained in Livigno and Pasturo, but rather the speed in registering. Friday at 9:00 on the site www.trofeokima.org we will open officially this first window which will be closed on December 31st. Places are limited, so don’t wait too long to make your membership official.”

It is right to make a clarification: «Compared to the past we have had to make an increase in the membership fee which is now 95 euros (+5 euros for those who do not have the Fisky card) – concluded Marchetti -. We had managed to keep it unchanged since 2012, but the exponential increase in management costs forced us to make this change. I would like to point out that this increase is not to do business, but to provide an even better service to each individual competitor.”

The die has been cast, from Friday the dream of many skyrunners could become reality…

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For info and registration: www.trofeokima.org

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