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Klopp: Salah keeps saying he wants to stay The game against Manchester United cannot be called a warm-up match – yqqlm

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Klopp: Salah keeps saying he wants to stay

Klopp: Salah keeps saying he wants to stay Manchester United game can’t be called a warm-up

Live it, July 9th. In an official interview with Liverpool, the team coach Klopp talked about the topic of the pre-season. He said that the game against Manchester United cannot be called a warm-up match.

Every preseason has a lot of changes. The team returned this season without Mane, Origi and Takumi Minamino. Without them, the team would not have so many championships.

I am very grateful to them, their contributions are enormous. Origi is doing great here and even though he doesn’t play as much, he’s definitely a Liverpool legend. You can’t help but smile when you think of Origi because there were so many great moments because of him. At the end of last season, I told him, ‘Wherever you go, I know you’re going to make it, and I wish you the best of luck in life because you deserve it. ‘

Mane, what can I say? What a great player, a world class player. We turned him into a No. 9 last season and he did really well. His agent told us they wanted to leave, to have a new challenge, to find a new club. I can say he’s a Liverpool legend, one of the greatest players in Premier League history, I’m really happy for him, he’s now at the club he wants to go to, he’s very grateful for what we’ve done, and we’re very grateful he.

Takumi Minamino wasn’t here for a long time, but had a similar impact on what we did, won a lot of trophies here, and we wouldn’t have won some cups without him. Monaco is a good club for him, he will get minutes there and from here he will have a great career.

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Salah signed a new contract and you always look so calm

I knew it was going to happen, obviously Salah wanted to stay, that’s always been his message, obviously I talked to him and it was clear he wanted to stay. But it’s an important contract and there are different things to think about, which sometimes takes time, but we obviously have enough experience to deal with these kinds of things, and we and he are very happy to have signed this new contract.

Talking about new contracts, Gomez and Milner also renewed

Awesome, absolutely awesome, that’s how you build a team. Milner is very important to us and Gomez is without a doubt a world-class defender, which speaks volumes about the atmosphere inside the team, he would have liked to play more last season but is still eager to stay The team and aspires to be a good teammate.

The season starts a little earlier and there’s the World Cup, does that change your pre-season model?

No, our preseason is sometimes full and sometimes not. I know how much we have to do in pre-season to lay the groundwork for the whole season, we will have two squads this season, one that will go very far in the World Cup and one that will be rested during the World Cup player.

There was no real difference in pre-season, we had a trip to Asia and we were looking forward to it because we hadn’t been there for a long time, but on the other hand we also wanted the training to be guaranteed. The two warm-up games are both important and unimportant because it is not friendly to Manchester United to call it a warm-up game, but it is a pre-season game and we have to see who we can bring in at that moment. We will extend pre-season training into the beginning of the season, which is the moment to lay the groundwork for the rest of the season.

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