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KOLDO CASE | Almost half of the money to buy masks in the Canary Islands, under the magnifying glass of Justice

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KOLDO CASE |  Almost half of the money to buy masks in the Canary Islands, under the magnifying glass of Justice

Almost half the money that the Canarian Health Service (SCS) spent during the pandemic to purchase masks, antigen tests and other protective health materials is under the magnifying glass of Justice. Specifically, 47% of the 81.9 million euros that were invested in purchases of this type in 2020 “are being discussed in different judicial procedures,” the spokesperson for the Executive, Alfonso Cabellowhich demanded “more forceful and transparent” explanations from the PSOE about the procedures for the acquisition of medical suppliesby the Canarian Health Service in the previous Government.

The Government of the Canary Islands during the pandemic was led by the current Minister of Territorial Policy and Democratic Memory, Angel Victor Torres. The former socialist president defends, however, the management of his Executive in this period of uncertainty and is willing to show his face at all times, as in the Parliament of the Canary Islands where CC and PP have already requested a commission of inquiry.

Specifically, of the 81.9 million euros that the SCS concentrated in contracts with 16 companies in 2020, 39.3 million are being investigated by Justice. The Government spokesperson refers to the three cases that have affected the Archipelago: the masks case, the Koldo case and the Damco case. All related to public procurement supply of masks and medical supplies during the pandemic.

Spokesperson for the Government of the Canary Islands, Alfonso Cabello. /LP/DLP

Report of the Audit of Accounts

Cabello is based on the draft report of the Audience of Accounts that was never approved by the plenary session of the supervisory body in the last legislature due to the votes against the three councilors of the PSOE and NC – parties that made up the previous one. Government of the flower pact, together with Podemos and ASG-, compared to the two votes of the PP and CC.

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In any case, this pre-report was sent to the Court of Auditors, which last December shelved it, provisionally, because, despite recognizing the damage to the public coffers of four million euros in the mask case, specifically, It was proven that it had been started by the Canarian Health Service. the procedure aimed at recovering the money. However, the criminal case remains open in the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, which claimed jurisdiction over the use of European funds.

In this first case The Canarian Health Service paid four million euros in advance to a company called RR7 United SL, which was dedicated to the purchase and sale of vehicles, for the acquisition of one million FFP3 masks that were never delivered.

Plot from Madrid

The Canary Islands Government has recovered this draft report from the supervisory body to analyze the data it contained about the company Management and Support Solutions for Companies SL, linked to the former advisor and trusted man of the former minister José Luis ÁbalosKoldo García. Of everything the company invoiced with public administrations in 2020, a quarter – close to 25% – was in the Canary Islands, 12.2 million euros of the 52 million that those involved in the plot investigated by the National Court received. and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office for collecting commissions.

At that time, the SCS was acting directed by Antonio Oliverawho also held the position of vice-counselor of the Presidency and is currently Torres’ chief of staff in the ministry, and the acting Minister of Health, for the dismissal of Teresa Cruz, it was Julio Pérez. In the Koldo case, the million-dollar orders that different institutions governed by the PSOE – among them the SCS and, by extension, the previous Canary Islands Executive, that of the flower pact – were investigated, were made to Management Solutions and Business Support.

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The network used by Koldo García, Through the contacts and influence he had as a position of maximum trust in Ábalos, he allegedly dedicated himself to collecting commissions for the sale of masks during the hardest months of the pandemic through contracts with public administrations that reached 50 million euros. .

Although The PSOE asked José Luis Ábalos to return the deputy record Due to this matter, the former minister decided to move to the Mixed Group, a rebellion that no one would have imagined from the former number two of the PSOE, former Secretary of Organization and former Minister of Transport who became the minister most sensitive to the affairs of the Canary Islands. The judge of the Ismael Moreno National Court points out that Ábalos acted as an “intermediary” for the plot by Koldo García Izaguirre. Here you can find more information about the alleged involvement of former Minister Ábalos in the plot.

Tax offense

To cover that quota that Almost 50% of the funds used by the SCS for the purchase of material are investigated by Justice The two previous cases are joined by a new plot, the Damco case.

The entities Damco Trading Services and Tanoja Services were awarded in 2020 and 2021 by the SCS (being directors Antonio Olivera, Alberto Pazos and Conrado Domínguez) to supply masks, tests and other health materials to hospitals. The companies, with Noel Jammal as sole administrator, invoiced 22.9 million in the two years. A part of the amounts, almost seven million, was transferred to Tabaiba Capital, with the president of UD Las Palmas, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, as sole administrator, for his intermediation work. This, in turn, subcontracted B&M Sport Marketing, directed by the president of Unidos por Gran Canaria, Lucas Bravo de Laguna., to carry out these procedures and control the materials that arrived for another 1.7 million euros. Bravo de Laguna, having no personnel, entrusted this task to a collaborator of his party, Christian Cerpa, for 581,832 euros. In this case only tax crimes are investigated.

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Before this panorama, the Government spokesperson, Alfonso Cabello, demands “forceful” explanations from the previous managers, in relation to the PSOE and, specifically, Ángel Víctor Torres. He insists on the need to “provide a lot of transparency” on the part of the Government of the Canary Islands, which has “every will to carry out this exercise,” he assures.

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