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Koulibaly, symbol of Naples: now the Scudetto to remain as captain

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Koulibaly, symbol of Naples: now the Scudetto to remain as captain

With Senegal it has achieved its objectives. And he is ready to sign for life in blue

There are men with brains connected to the heart, who choose passion at every crossroads in life. Kalidou Koulibaly is one of these people who know how to stand out in every field, for how they show themselves in substance. Here we are not only talking about attention to those who are worse off, because KK is also a champion in this, but also about important choices in their sporting activity. Yes, because Kalidou in 2011 in Colombia participated in the Under 20 World Cup with France. He then he played, to make a name, with Griezmann who became world champion in 2018. He could have continued with the Bleus and chased the top of the globe. Instead in 2015 – when he had joined Napoli for a year – he preferred to choose the roots of his family and wear the green Senegal shirt. Which in this 2022 is making him experience indescribable emotions.

Those colors of the soul

In some ways the speech is also being repeated with the club. Yes, because Koulibaly is considered by insiders to be one of the strongest defenders in the world and for this reason the attention on him, especially the Premier, has always been important. But over the years, president Aurelio De Laurentiis has refused mind-boggling offers (he said he said no in 2017 to 100 million euros at Antonio Conte’s Chelsea). In the last two summers, Kalidou has lived with his suitcase ready, because the radio market was giving it at the start, but then nothing happened and he didn’t worry about it. Because Naples is his second home, where his children were born and where he lives in a house in Posillipo with a splendid view of the Gulf, which the landlord – Ciro Ferrara – has every intention of leaving him for a long time. “However it will end – repeated the Senegalese in those times of uncertainty – I will always remain tied with my family to this city that has given us so much”.

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They happen forever

Situations evolve and at the age of thirty this 2022 proved to be fabulous for Kalidou who in February won the Africa Cup with Senegal and on Tuesday beat Egypt once again on penalties to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar next November . Two enormous satisfactions for a man who in his country of origin has the popularity, as captain of the national team, to be able to build a political career like George Weah, the 1995 Golden Ball, president of Liberia since 2018. But politics at the moment does not fascinate our Senegalese hero who, after lifting the Africa Cup, achieved an enviable inner peace and balance. Basically it is as if Kalidou were wondering: if with Senegal I have achieved these dreams, why can’t I make them come true in Naples too? The Scudetto is within reach and he believes in it all right. To the point that after the defeat against Milan he intervened decisively in the locker room to shake up his teammates and make self-criticism about that bad performance. As well as, when the time comes, with the club he is willing to talk about the renewal of his contract (he earns 6 million net a year) which will expire in 2023. The departure of Lorenzo Insigne will lead him to become captain, something that fascinates as already happened with Senegal. At that point with President De Laurentiis there will be more to understand about programs and ambitions than about money. Because if winning with Senegal is better than doing it in France, even celebrating in Naples gives more satisfaction than doing it in the Premier or in another club. The happiest of all would be Luciano Spalletti who, in addition to the football player, admires the man very much: “The one who just won the Africa Cup went to console the Egyptian opponents who missed the decisive penalties. And only then did he cheer. It is no coincidence that he is the Commander “.

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Until the end

One of the mottos he likes to repeat in his Wolof language is “Dém ba diex”. Go all the way. In sport as in life. In the field as in handing a hot meal or a jacket to a homeless and cold African brother. Now, in this fabulous 2022, Kalidou wants to go all the way to chase the scudetto dream and ideally embrace all the Neapolitan brothers who are really in his heart. And then we will see if the conditions are concretely created to renew the contract. Men of this depth are so hard to find that it becomes a shame to lose them.

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