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La Sportiva, a Trentino-based company founded ninety-five years ago in the heart of the Dolomites, has always been able to grasp global challenges, transforming them into progress and improvement. By adapting its unmistakable style to the changes of the times and keeping the founding values ​​unchanged, the modus operandi of the Delladio family, which today sees the third generation in office with Lorenzo Delladio in the role of President and CEO, has translated into development objectives and the achievement of constant growth in the international market, where today La Sportiva ranks as one of the main players capable of distinguishing itself and innovating the outdoor sector.

2022 was a year of large investments and transformative processes, despite this the company recorded a growth of more than 30% in consolidated turnover which reaches the figure of 216 million Euros. Looking at the media perspective, turnover has more than doubled in the last 5 years, all the result of organic growth, without acquisitions and with the same geographical presence. The foreign market accounts for over 80% and the main geographical areas (Europe and USA) have had a double-digit increase, due to very targeted strategic choices by the company, which has been able to satisfy the growing interest of consumers for outdoor activities. These markets are developed and among the most important, but the company still recognizes a large margin for expansion, as well as the eastern markets where there is considerable attention for mountain sports; here the end consumers look for technicality, craftsmanship and that added value that an Italian company like La Sportiva possesses.

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The company’s profitability has seen a marked improvement compared to the previous year, almost +50%, despite the fact that 2022 has been a year of heavy investments. And this is the key word for 2023 as well: investments, aimed at consolidating the company in a year that will be more uncertain for the outdoor sector according to market estimates.
In fact, in the last two years, due to the upheavals caused by the Pandemic, we have witnessed a transformation in lifestyle habits, with people’s strong desire to spend more time in the open air, approaching the mountains more frequently with technical products and performers. It is estimated that consumers will be more attentive to spending and will opt for a savings strategy during 2023, however long-term forecasts still see room for growth in demand for high quality products and with a philosophy centered on maximum technicality of tools .

This fluctuation implies more careful choices for the current year, but no less confident. La Sportiva’s vision has always been far-sighted and ambitious: Lorenzo Delladio and the management board continue to see opportunities and margins for improvement which, for a company that has innovation in its DNA, are intrinsic aspects that go beyond the boundaries of ‘Current year.
Considerable investments are planned for personnel, over 3 million euros, to aim at a significant increase in corporate welfare, mainly building a long-term relationship with employees thanks to courses of excellence and professionalization in the company. This commitment strengthens the culture of belonging and pride that is inherent in La Sportiva, with the maximum intention of strengthening an already consolidated relationship with the company population, also through activities and technical training on mountain sports.

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Furthermore, the actions planned for 2023 are aimed at concentrating the production of footwear in areas adjacent to Ziano di Fiemme, the nerve center of the company, and at keeping this original element of affection for the territory that distinguishes La Sportiva at a global level; on the other hand, the company is making relations with historical foreign partners even more strategic, guaranteeing maximum production quality.

The relationship with the environment and with the territory is key to fully understanding the commitment to protect the heritage that surrounds La Sportiva. Lorenzo Delladio states: “We feel the responsibility of minimizing our impact on our shoulders: it is a responsibility that derives from the reality to which we are strongly connected, which is our origin, our present and our future” and continues “With the awareness of the extraordinary complexity of the issue of sustainability and climate change, over time we have made conscious choices: our headquarters in Ziano di Fiemme runs 100% with renewable energy and with thermal energy that we obtain from the waste-to-energy plant of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme”.

The company has a precise objective which leads to nurturing and weaving ever closer relationships with the territory, with the athletes and technical partners, generating a circularity that does not end over time, but which on the contrary becomes a driving force for innovation.

Even in terms of materials and collections, it is essential to offer the consumer highly technical models that can last as long as possible over time. This is also possible thanks to the network of authorized resolers, which number around 40 in Europe alone; since this is an expanding project, substantial investments will also be made in this sector, which can help give life to new products of excellence with a reduced impact on the planet. Representing one of the greatest development potentials for La Sportiva, the clothing line will see a new impetus starting from the FW2023 collection with an even more sophisticated design and avant-garde stylistic choices. Born about ten years ago, the apparel collection has been revolutionized over time, increasing the use of recycled materials and choosing certified partners and controlled supply chains.

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