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La Voghe at work since Wednesday with an extra Bahirov

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Meeting at Parisi, 2 pieces are missing to complete the squad The Ukrainian ex Pavia is a candidate for the leader of the Rossoneri attack


The day of the meeting for the Vogherese is approaching, which on Wednesday afternoon will meet at the Parisi stadium for the first training session of the new season, under the orders of coach Paolo Tomasoni. In view of the transfer market, the Rossoneri have almost completed the transfer campaign, only two pawns are missing: a second goalkeeper who will support the owner De Toni, and a right side, in the under share.

Among the shots already defined, Voghe has included the expert central defender Alessandro Lorusso, 30 years old, fresh from the experience with the Vergiatese and with past between Lega Pro and D; in midfield came Mattia Damo, 22, former Legnano, while the attack was completely redesigned, with the grafts of the former Pavia Stanislav Bahirov and Alessio Quaggio, central striker former Ardor Lazzate.

The playmaker Giovanni De Stradis, 23 years old ex Pavia and two young offensive wielders, Matteo Andriolo, born in 2001, from Derthona and the Senegalese Pape Faye, born in 2002, also landed in via Facchinetti, who stood out with Milano City in the last tournament of Excellence.

Bahirov, desire for revenge

Among the Rossoneri signings, the leading name is certainly that of the Ukrainian striker Bahirov, 23, determined to start his adventure with the Voghe shirt: “It is true that there had been a negotiation with Vogherese for coming here in recent months, but without the right conditions and so I stayed at Pavia. President Cavaliere has shown that he strongly wants me, I’m happy to be here. I had the opportunity to talk to various Voghe players and they all spoke very well about the club and the environment, there are all the conditions to do well ».

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On his tactical position, the Ukrainian striker is a candidate to become the main offensive weapon of the Rossoneri team: «I’m a first striker – he explains – even if I can also move as a second striker, I like to run and help the team even in recovering the ball “. The new Rossoneri striker has great ambitions in view of next season, which is now at the gates: “I hope that the fans will be at our side and can give us a hand to take the Vogherese into the higher categories”. –


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