Home Sports La Vogherese believes in it “We have to win against Castanese”

La Vogherese believes in it “We have to win against Castanese”

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The Rossoneri coach analyzes today’s play-off final “He’s a tough opponent, but they’ve never beaten us”


The bar of difficulties is raised, but Vogherese believes in it. In the play-off final this afternoon, on the Castanese field, the Rossoneri team will have to win to move on to the national promotion play-off phase, with a view to Serie D; in the event of a tie, at the end of the 90 ‘, Castanese will rejoice, thanks to the best placing in the league.

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«We know we just have to win, but this situation doesn’t change anything in our approach. We approached this race with enthusiasm and serenity. I saw some tension in the team on the eve of this match, but it is natural that it is. To the guys, I told them to be calm because we had a fantastic season. Castanese must have fear, who started with the ambition of winning the championship and will have two out of three results available today. We want to move forward, we have to be good at staying in the game. In football, at all levels, matches can take place at any time, just look at what happened in the Real Madrid-Manchester City of the Champions League, to cite a recent example », explains the Rossoneri coach Massimo Giacomotti. La Voghe will have to renounce Andrini, stopped for a stretch; in place of him, in the starting 3-4-1-2, it will be up to Petrucci, defender born in 2002, to occupy the right lane. The rest of the team will be identical to the team that clearly beat Sestese last Sunday: «Unfortunately, Andrini will not be there, but I’m sure Petrucci will do well. He has always trained great. The doubt concerns his holding on the 90 ‘, but in certain matches you can find energy that you didn’t even think you had ». Even today in Castano Primo, Voghe will be able to benefit from the support of her warm fans, who will follow the team in large numbers: «It will be like playing at Parisi – says Giacomotti – our fans will be an extra weapon. We will try to give ourselves another two weeks of Rossoneri passion together ».

Regarding today’s opponent, Giacomotti highlights the value of Castanese, who finished the tournament in second place, behind Varese: «We are talking about a team that up to three days from the end was in contention to win the championship. Castanese is a tough opponent, but in the two championship games she has never beaten us ». –


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