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Lara Vieceli in Tuscany dreaming of France. “I’d like to do the Tour and Roubaix again”

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Lara Vieceli

The fonzasina is at work for the season. “I stayed at Wnt, I hope I have solved the problems of the past few months”

Dreaming of France, Lara Vieceli leaves today for Tuscany. Destination Donoratico, Etruscan Coast. It is here that the girl from Fonzaso and her team, Ceratizit Wnt, will stay until 18 December for the first block of collective work ahead of the season.

A 2022 that for Lara will be decisive for the continuation of her career and that the professional from Feltre, who now lives in Trentino, in Borgo Valsugana, wants to embellish with the participation in two newly born events but already “cult” in the world of two wheels in pink , the Paris Roubaix and the Tour de France. Before talking about the two French races that Lara has put in her sights for next season, however, let’s take a step back, going back to 2021, a rather troubled year.

Lara, in the second part of the season you disappeared from the radar.

“Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. From July onwards I was not well: I trained but couldn’t find the right pedal stroke, I slept but didn’t rest, I worked hard but couldn’t make prolonged efforts. In short, I did not go. I confess that during the summer I had serious doubts whether to continue with the activity to omit the word end to my adventure on a bicycle ».

Why did the no-period come?

“Physically, the medical tests were all perfect. I probably paid for the fact that all the plans for 2021 were a bit out of phase due to the long wave of a 2020 that forced a reshaping of the entire calendar. I trained well to have a nice spring but then in the first months of the year priority was given to the girls who had to run the Olympics and I missed some races. He also had to miss the Giro d’Italia but they called me at the last minute to replace an injured girl. And I didn’t go well in the pink race, I struggled so much and stopped after the seventh stage. I really wasn’t going and I decided to take a break and yes, in the second part of the season I disappeared a bit from the road ».

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On 2 October, however, you were at the start of the first edition of a new race for women’s cycling, the Paris – Roubaix.

«From July I had disconnected and at Roubaix they called me at the last minute. The condition was what it was but I went there. no knowing what to expect. The race did not go well: I fell in the first sector of cobblestones and in the fall the gear line was cut, with the chain blocked on 52-11. The group was gone and with that relationship it was impossible to last long. I cycled for a while, waiting for the flagship. In short, a disaster but… ».


“But I fell in love with Roubaix. I want to go back to running it because it is beautiful, but really beautiful beautiful. I never believed the mythical word that has always been given to it, but that day I had to change my mind, running it I realized that it is truly mythical, that the Roubaix pavé is only there and has nothing to do with that of the Flanders. On those stones there is a unique atmosphere. Yes, I would like to go back to racing it and I want to get there ready. This is also why I decided to join the group again next year. for Roubaix and for another new race, indeed reborn (it took place from 1984 to 2009, ed), the Tour de France. In nine years of professionalism I have raced many “firsts”, from Strade Bianche to Roubaix. I’d like to add another one ».

Will you stay at Wnt?

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“Yes, I preferred to stay in an environment that I know, even if it will be considerably renovated. Now we have the first meeting in Tuscany, then in January a boarding school in Spain ».

Will anything change in your preparation?

«I started a month ago and in this first period I went back to doing a lot of gym: I have to rebuild the muscle tone that I have lost in the last few months. I want to improve in terms of power and short efforts ».


Lara Vieceli was born on July 16, 1993. After taking the first pedal strokes with the Fonzaso sports group, she went through the entire youth team, arriving then at the top cycling in Tuscany, wearing the Verinlegno Fabiani jersey (2012) . In the Grand Duchy of Tuscany he lived most of his career, competing from 2013 to 2015 for the Michela Fanini cycling company and in 2016 for the Inpa Bianchi. In 2017 and 2018 she was in force at the Italian-Kazakh Astana, while from 2019 to today for the Wnt Ceratizit, a German formation. Lara joined her study alongside her competitive activity, graduating in Motor Sciences in Pisa in February 2018.

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