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“Large meadow in the mountains”, Jovanotti greets the Aosta Valley leg of the tour

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AOSTA. On the evening of 13 July next year, in the green area of ​​Gressan, there will be the third stage of the Jova Beach Party. After Lignano Sabbiadoro and Marina di Ravenna and before nine other Italian locations. This was announced by Gabriella Morelli, director of the Office régional du Tourisme. Waiting for the connection with Jovanotti himself at the Pala Congressi in Florence, the mayors of Aosta, Gianni Nuti, and Gressan, Michel Martinet and the councilor of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Sport and Commerce Jean Pierre Guichardaz also spoke. “It is an honor to join this tour, also because we will be the only mountain resort interested – said Guichardaz – Given the following of the singer-songwriter, we think that the return will be enormous and at reduced costs, because the administrations of Aosta and Gressan and that regional will only have to deal with logistics, while the rest of the expenses will be borne by the organization “. The figures pitted by Jovanotti on the experience of the previous one in 2019 are impressive: 600,000 spectators with 5.8 billion reactions on social networks and a stratospheric 93 percent of positive comments. The public of the various stages exceeded 40 thousand admissions, but in Gressan there was availability for a maximum of 35,000 spectators due to the criticality of finding parking spaces, the farthest of which will be in Aosta in the Carrefour area, at the Piezometric Tower and in the Vallée d’Aoste Structure area. «We have given availability for the influx of 20,000 cars from outside the region, – said Morelli – the others will have to come by public transport which will be strengthened. We will ask the Aostans not to move their vehicles ».

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In view of the pedestrian influx from Aosta Nuti announced that the footbridge over the Dora will be refurbished. “The recovery is also aided by a stroke of luck like this, which will allow us to reconstruct the image of the Valley using popular music with a poetic heart of Jovanotti”. Speaking of economic returns, the singer-songwriter, who described the Aosta Valley location as “a large meadow surrounded by mountains”, specified that on average each spectator of his tour brings 200 euros of consumption to the territory, with a relapse that will certainly affect the whole Valley. «My Beach Party is a temporary utopia that takes place for a day. More than a concert, it is a festival with guests from all over the world, and three stages: in addition to the Main Stage, a large sailing ship where I will perform in the evening with the most famous guests, from the afternoon there will be the Sbam Stage, dedicated to DJs and dance music, and the Kontiki Stage, a musical raft dedicated to sounds from all over the world “. Flanked by Donatella Bianchi, president of WWF Italy, he ruled out the ventilated dangers of environmental pollution. “I know my audience, so we will leave the beaches better than we found them.” Also yesterday Jovanotti published «Il boom», the first of a series of songs (seven will be released in December) which next year will converge in «Il disco del sole». Tickets are on sale from 3pm yesterday on the Ticketmaster and Ticketone circuits. They have prices ranging between 65 and 345 euros

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