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Lazio, Correa wants the sale: stalemate for Sarri

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The European champions Acerbi and Immobile meet again, who could inherit the captain’s armband. The disappointed Tucu is instead a puzzle to be solved as soon as possible

Take the meeting-bis at Lazio home. Today Lazio finds itself in Formello for phase 2 of its pre-season. The Biancocelesti will spend a couple of days at the venue then they will move to Marienfeld, Germany, where they will train for a week. On 7 August they will go to the Netherlands to play the friendly match against Twente.

The nationals arrive

In the absence of new signings (after those of Anderson, Hysaj, Kamenovic and Romero there have been no other new-entries in recent days) the novelty will be the arrival of the three national teams: the Azzurri Acerbi and Immobile and the Argentine Correa. All champions, among other things: the first two from Europe, the third from South America. They have already had telephone contact with Sarri and therefore already know what kind of work awaits them. The two Italians can’t wait to dive into the new adventure. They were two pillars of Inzaghi’s Lazio and they had a very strong bond with the former coach. Now they are also candidates to be two columns of Sarri’s team. Immobile should among other things be the new captain after the goodbyes Lulic and Parolo. And in any case, regardless of the band, the forward will continue to be one of the leaders of the group. Like Acerbi who, as usual, will have the task of leading the back department. The defense will be lined up with four instead of three as in recent years, but the detail does not worry the former Sassuolo who in his career has also often played in a four-way line.

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The Correa case

Correa’s mood, however, is different. The Argentine returns to Formello, but he could only be passing through. At the end of last season, Tucu asked the club to be sold. The club accepted his request, however, subordinating it to the arrival of suitable offers (minimum 30 million) that have not been there at the moment. The player is disappointed, but this stalemate also complicates the corporate plans, given that the sale of Correa is used to raise cash and unblock incoming transactions. It is not excluded that the player is offered the possibility of staying in the biancoceleste. Sarri would not mind betting on him as an offensive left winger, but it is essential to understand how convinced the player can be from this perspective. We will talk about it in these days. If Correa were to close this hypothesis, reaffirming the firm will to change the air, he could not even be called up for Marienfeld. Otherwise Lazio would no longer need to buy an outside striker and the money (8 million) to buy the Basic midfielder (already blocked) would come from other outings, of players who do not fit into Sarri’s plans.


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