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Lazio, is the “anti-germ” cure Immobile?

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Lazio, is the “anti-germ” cure Immobile?

After the European blow, the Biancocelesti are called to react and rely (on and off the pitch) on their number 17. The next match against Cremonese is the right opportunity to leave everything behind

Ciro Immobile takes the field. As a captain before being a goalscorer. To mediate in relations between Maurizio Sarri and the team. There is a dressing room to revive after Thursday’s disastrous defeat at Midtjylland. The coach was heavy in his analysis of the 5-1 cashed in Denmark. Speaking of a “germ” that has long since crept into the group. A brake that prevents that leap in quality to be achieved starting from the continuity of results. A collective presumption also surfaced under the Inzaghi management. A situation that now raises more concerns after a transfer market with 8 signings and about 50 million spent to bring the team back to compete for a leading season, both in the league and in the Europa League.


In the Cremona retreat, where Lazio on their return from Denmark moved as early as Thursday night to prepare for tomorrow’s match against Alvini’s team, Sarri made an internal appeal starting from the responsibilities of the big names. And in this sense the task of Ciro Immobile becomes important as an intermediary to smooth out tensions, but also to recharge the group. The captain had already played a role in the summer that was not strictly linked to that played on the field. To ensure a better outcome of the strengthening plan drawn up by Sarri. As a “guarantor” between company and technician. Now Immobile is also called to mediate on situations inside the locker room. Not only for what are his duties as captain, but relying on the particular feeling established with the coach and with his teammates. Everything quickly. Because already tomorrow afternoon (3 pm) Lazio will return to the field against Cremonese and will have to demonstrate that the one seen in the last Europa League match was nothing more than a bad copy of itself.

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goals to find

But Immobile is also called to rediscover his goal scorer streak. He just three goals in his first eight appearances of the season: he had never scored so little since he joined Lazio in 2016. But beyond the realization contribution, it is the attacker’s own performance to accuse a delay of condition that is inevitably reflecting on the results of the team. From the away match in Cremona, Immobile expects to be able to return to lead Lazio even with his goals.

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