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Lazio-Juventus (2-1) – Scattered Considerations

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Lazio-Juventus (2-1) – Scattered Considerations

Situationism allows Juve to access the final.

It is well known that chance, fate, the disorder of destiny can determine human events. Superstition is prodromal and preparatory to this type of event since it aims, in itself, to avoid the unexpected. Yet Juve built their passage to the Italian Cup final precisely on pure chance. As they say in Rome: if we accept it? Alas yes. Despite the adverse fate, Lazio shows that it still has something to say which, hopefully, can be expressed in the remaining days of the championship.

Pressing man on man, intensity, bitch and hunger finally seems to have gripped the Biancocelesti players after a period of long apathy. Hoping that this fairytale awakening is not just the result of the inappropriate kiss of the Croatian prince who took over on the bench. For this to be the case would be a disheartening revelation of lack of professionalism. However, wanting to believe the opposite, he witnessed a great match during which many of the axioms founding this wonderful and cursed game were disproved.

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Allegri is now a sort of sorcerer who with esotericisms and morning literally witches every game with which it compares. The inertia was clearly Lazio’s but two substitutions were enough to allow an epic short-sight on the aggregate to reach the final of the Italian Cup. Little? It is not known because in the annals it is not the good game that remains engraved but the result.

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man of the match: Castellanos. Substitute for “zanabria” (cit. the abusive president of the Lazio Sports Club) in the football transfer market, carrying a cut of the hair bulb worthy of a trapper of noteworthy fame he brings with him an atavistic hunger and a desire to make an impact that our not very Persian Ciro seems to have lost. He scores two goals, he deceives, he fights, he moves, he shifts. Chapeau Taty!

The merit in the two matches certainly goes to Juventus. There remains a bitter feeling at the Olimpico given the performance of the first finalist. This should restore a new balance in both teams. If Lazio can put another brick in the path of rebirth starting from the good result, Juve should seriously do some introspection to understand what leads them to be an extra in the championship fight for too long now. It would be an understatement for the final not to be used as a decoy.

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