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Lazio, Luis Alberto-Milinkovic: the couple is gone

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Sarri said it after the match against Marseille: “For the moment they can’t play together, the games in which I fielded them say so”

The couple is gone. At least for now. And to decree it is precisely the one who decides whether the tandem can stand up or not. Maurizio Sarri did so at the end of last night’s match against Marseille, without dribbling the subject. “That for the moment they cannot play together, the matches in which I played them at the same time say so. We are working so that they can coexist, but for now the team cannot tolerate their presence.” And the sacrificed is Luis Alberto. He ended up on the bench against Inter, the same fate yesterday against Marseille. On both occasions he entered the course of the second half. Milinkovic continued to play against Inter, with him on the pitch, but yesterday there was a relay between the two.

The choice

A choice, that of using Spanish only in the final half hour which is likely to be permanent in the coming weeks. “We have carefully studied his data – again Sarri – and we have seen that he gives his best when the rhythms of the game soften.” That is in the final parts of the games when the intensity inevitably diminishes.

the like of discord

Sarri also specified that his mission is to let the two talents of the Lazio midfield play together, but this possibility essentially depends on Luis Alberto, on his ability to run more, to better heal the defensive phase. But on this point Sarri has been beating since the beginning of the season and, for now, there hasn’t been a turning point. At least for the next few weeks, Luis Alberto’s role will be that of a sort of twelfth man, to be used only at the sunset of the matches. A solution that obviously cannot be suitable for the person concerned.

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The bad mood

And Luis Alberto has, albeit indirectly, already expressed all his bad mood for this situation. He did so by liking the post of a fan who heavily criticized Sarri for the choice not to field Milinkovic and Luis Alberto at the same time. A move that, of course, did not appeal to the coach and neither to the club, also given the Spaniard’s recidivism. That last year, again through social media, “denounced” the company for the delay in paying salaries. And then last summer he went to the retreat a week after the day of the call. Now this new friction that is likely to have repercussions on the market in January.


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