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Lazio, the derby according to Sarri

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Lazio, the derby according to Sarri

The derby according to Sarri. Studied and prepared in detail even at the cost of sacrificing Europe. Sarri’s second derby, capable of winning both the first leg and the second leg, the last one to succeed in the biancoceleste was Reja 11 years ago. Or perhaps it would be better to say the derby that brought Sarri second. That’s why this time it’s worth more. The last occasion in which the biancocelesti found themselves in second position after 27 rounds was also the only time they crossed the Champions League finish line in the last 10 years. A precedent that gives more smiles and confidence to a team that showed its best face in the championship. In the last 5 rounds, in which he has collected 4 wins and 1 draw, he has earned points on all direct competitors. 9 at Atalanta, 7 at Inter and Roma, 6 at Milan. was sixth, now he is behind only Napoli. And, another note of merit, often without Immobile.

Zaccagni, new striker mentality

Sarri was able to find alternative goals, like the one that decided the derby. After almost two months of fasting Zaccagni he probably chose the right game to unlock himself, improving his personal high score. To put it like Sarri, a player who is now no longer just a striker but has also started to think like an attacker. Also for continuity of performance he is one of the best in the Biancocelesti’s year: 9 networks, such as Immobile: they are the two Italians who have scored the most in Serie A. The centre-forward is injured, odds are the winger is not in blue. Pay old misunderstandings with Mancini still to be clarified. He is the fifth most used player by Sarri this season. The coach won’t mind much that he rests in Formello.

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