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Lazio-Udinese, Sarri: “We’re not a team yet. The draw? A dramatic boost on Zaccagni”

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The Biancocelesti coach once again focuses on the lack of continuity of his boys: “We have illogical moments, sometimes we activate mentally, others we turn off”

An incredible match: first Udinese’s 3-1, then Lazio’s comeback and overtaking, until the final 4-4 reached by the Bianconeri in the 97th minute. A draw, however, that does not make Maurizio Sarri happy, fasting from victories for almost a month: “We took the draw after a very tough match, on a punishment awarded after Zaccagni was blatantly held up by the arm. I don’t understand why he was not whistled a free kick for us “.

The difficulties and the reaction

“We made a bit of confusion – says the coach -, perhaps because we were frightened by the disaster we made in Naples, or because we were too eager to fix the game immediately. There are positive and other negative aspects: I am satisfied with the match. reaction because the team showed desire in the second half. ” A reaction that also came after Sarri’s words in the locker room: “I was angry because I hadn’t seen the order I had asked for, but I also said that we could put it back in place and that there was room to reassemble. The boys were convinced “.

Ups and downs

However, there remains a serious problem of consistency for Lazio, which once again fails to give continuity to its performances: “There are games where we are completely empty and empty, it is true that playing on Thursday evening does not help, but sometimes we managed to activate mentally, others turn off. We have moments in which we play as a team, others in which we make too many mistakes, especially in the defensive phase, and we are paying for everything. We cannot yet define ourselves as a ‘team’ in the true sense of the word, we have yet to find certainties “

“Illogical moments”

Sarri insists on continuity and mental solidity: “We have illogical moments. We are a team that is too instinctive, humoral, which we are gradually trying to bring to reason. The regret remains for the draw, because winning after being 3-1 down would have been a good sign, but if we don’t find solidity it becomes even easier to be unlucky “.


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