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Leao-Milan, a top club releases the Portuguese. Pioli’s conference

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Leao-Milan, a top club releases the Portuguese.  Pioli’s conference

Does Leao stay at Milan? A top club withdraws from the race

While waiting for tomorrow’s match against Lazio, which is important for the race for the next Champions League, the issue linked to the future of Rafael Leaoarmored by a contract until 30 June 2028 renewed last summer.

Regarding the future of the Portuguese winger, who yesterday during the presentation of his book, Smile, reiterated his desire to remain at Milan also next season, an important indiscretion has arrived from France, and more precisely from RMC Sportwhich could bring us much closer his stay at Milanello also next season.


PSG, who had identified in Leao one of the possible players capable of taking up the legacy of Mbappé, destined on a free transfer to Real Madrid, would have decided to give up the former Lille player. There are essentially two reasons: firstly, not everyone on the board of directors of the French club would agree in appreciating the qualities of the Rossoneri number 10. Secondly, Al-Khelaifi, despite having the necessary financial means, would absolutely not be willing to pay the 175 million euro release clause in Leao’s contract.

The feeling is that the termination clause itself represents an insurmountable obstacle for all the teams interested in the boy: Furlani, CEO of Milan, was in fact clear about the Portuguese’s future. The transfer can only be taken into consideration through the payment of the termination clause. Even an offer between 120 and 130 million euros would be rejected with losses by the Rossoneri management who consider Leao the best on which to build the future.

In this sense, Leao can also count on the great esteem and great relationship established with Zlatan Ibrahimovic: the former Swedish centre-forward, increasingly at the center of the Rossoneri’s affairs (he will also have a great influence on the next transfer market) considers Leao the true top player of the squad red and black. An untouchable. Word of Ibra.

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Furthermore, as reported by Gazzetta dello Sport, Leao made a promise to Stefano Pioli in recent days: to try to bring home the Europa League.

The second continental competition, which will see the Rossoneri against Slavia Prague in the round of 16, has become the main objective of Milan’s season. Winning it would not only give another dimension to the Devil’s season but would most likely give automatic confirmation to Stefano Pioli. Leao is ready to write history again after the championship.

Pioli, the words on the eve of Lazio

Stefano Pioli, Milan coachpresented tomorrow’s match against Lazio at the Olimpico. The words in the conference:

Pioli’s Milan lost the derby badly

What week was it?

“We want to put Sunday’s performance back on the pitch, however obtaining a different result“.

Did you speak to Leao after the great match against Atalanta?

He told me he was fine. I told him to always feel good.”

What game will it be tomorrow?

“Lazio have great quality that comes from a defeat. They will be motivated, they play well, but we can put them in difficulty by playing with intensity.”

Is the championship closed?

For first place I think so. Inter are having an incredible championship and they have had a difficult calendar, in which they have won everything: having overcome that path in such a clear way I think it’s over.”

Inter could win the scudetto in the derby…

“You are phenomena that waste energy for distant things. April 21st is still a long time away. We only have to think about tomorrow. At the break we will take stock“.

Why didn’t you win against Atalanta?

“We analyzed the positive things and also those situations that did not allow us to win. Why didn’t we win? We couldn’t score an extra goal and we had the chances.”

Quota Champions?

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“Allegri is good at these things and said that 70 points are needed. The road is still long“.

Are you studying Slavia Prague?

“Yes, but let’s only think about Lazio. There’s no need to rest anyone for Thursday, there’s still time. We have recovered many players. There will be a lot at stake soon and we need everyone.”

You are often criticized on social media even if you play well…

“I’m not on social media. Criticisms are there and always will be. We still have important goals, I’m focused on these things. I am happy and proud to coach here, in my opinion we are doing a very good job.”

Who do you compare Inter this year to?

“Napoli produced incredible numbers last year and Inter are doing so too. He has only lost once, he is having an over the top championship.”

Is there an refereeing problem for Milan?

“No. The referees are trying to do the best they can, there is no bad faith towards us. In some episodes there is luck, in others there is no.”

Do you need to do better on the road?

“Yes we need to improve our away numbers. We always try to play the game and we will have to do it again tomorrow against a quality opponent. We will need attention and continuity.”

Spalletti paid you important compliments…

“I have always agreed with him (smiles, ed.). It’s always nice to receive compliments from other coaches. We spoke a couple of weeks ago to find out the training programme, but he wasn’t able to get through. He is a colleague who deservedly coaches the national team.”

Is Florenzi putting you in difficulty?

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“Calabria is doing well. Florenzi’s performances are important. Whoever plays will do well, and whoever doesn’t play will be ready to enter.”

Come stay Reijnders?

For me he is a great player. Against Atalanta I chose Adli for the positions he takes in the defensive phase. Reijnders did not train yesterday due to the birth of his son. I wish him well.”

Has Leao grown up a lot outside the field?

“His growth is exponential in his relationships with the team and with his work. Many things are asked of 18-19 year old players and you have to mature quickly, but then everyone has their own path.”

Did you remember last year’s 4-0 defeat of the team?

“There is no need to remember it, these are things that remain inside”.

Tomori called up?


Fans complain about the holes in the middle of the pitch and this supposed 5-0-5.

“We attack and defend with 11 men. It’s clear that then it becomes 5-0-5, it becomes a 7-0-3, a 6-0-4. He is still wrong. It’s like saying “I don’t know how to coach”. So… Do you think the match is prepared with a 5-0-5? It’s just one of the accusations, right? And then… (laughs, ed.)”.

What game will it be tomorrow?

“Both teams will try to play the match with different principles. We have the quality to make them run and try to create numerical superiority in some areas of the pitch.”

Who will mark Luis Alberto tomorrow?

“Against Lazio we play against a strong, quality midfield. The duels in that area of ​​the pitch will be important.”

Playing well and not winning like against Atalanta. What to do?

“We need to underline the positive things and understand why we didn’t win. By playing like this you have a better chance of winning.”

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