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Leave again?Lukaku or Winter Window will leave the team Inter Milan director personally consider loan_Chelsea_Warcraft_Belgium

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Original title: Leave again?Lukaku or Dongchuang left the team Inter Milan director personally consider renting

This summer, there have been many blockbuster transactions in the European football transfer market, one of which is Lukaku’s second entry to Chelsea. It is reported that Chelsea paid Inter Milan a transfer fee of up to 115 million euros in order to sign Lukaku back. Unfortunately, the Belgian Warcraft returned to Stamford Bridge and did not hand over a satisfactory report card: the 2021-2022 season Nearly halfway through, Lukaku played 16 times on behalf of Chelsea and only won 5 goals. To make matters worse, Lukaku can’t even play the ball now. When the devil’s Christmas schedule is approaching, he is forced to quarantine because of the new crown virus. More and more fans feel that if Chelsea does not change their strikers, it will be difficult to compete for the Premier League title this season.

The insider disclosed that although Lukaku is a loyal Chelsea fan, this is the key reason why he is willing to return to Stamford Bridge, but the cruel reality has made him feel that returning to Chelsea is a mistake. The British media broke the news that the Belgian Little Warcraft Winter Window has a certain possibility to leave the team, and Inter Milan director Osilio made it clear that if there is a chance, then they are willing to sign Lukaku on loan.

If the 28-year-old Lukaku leaves Stamford Bridge again due to poor performance, it is definitely a tragedy, because in order to be worthy of the Chelsea jersey, the Belgian Warcraft has spent 9 years “curving to save the country”! In the summer of 2011, Lukaku, who was only 18 years old, transferred from Anderlecht to Chelsea. Unfortunately, due to the fierce competition within the team, he has not been able to get a stable time, and it is difficult to grasp the only opportunity to play. The Belgian Warcraft started its loan career in 2012, successively loaned to West Bromwich and Everton, and finally left the team permanently in the summer of 2014. During the period, Lukaku only played 15 times on behalf of Chelsea and did not score. Since then, Lukaku has achieved success at Everton and got the opportunity to join Manchester United because of his poor performance at Old Trafford. He joined Inter Milan in the summer of 2019 until he came to Apennine football, Belgium’s little Warcraft. Only then did I truly experience the joy of being a Shenfeng.

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In the two seasons of Inter Milan, Lukaku played a total of 95 times and scored 64 goals, helping the team win the long-awaited Serie A championship. Lukaku also relied on his outstanding performance in Serie A to get the opportunity to return to Stamford Bridge this summer. According to the director of Inter Milan Ossilio, Belgian Warcraft will act immediately when Chelsea intends to sign him this summer. I got up and decided to leave Meazza. “Compared to Ashraf, Lukaku’s thing was completely unexpected. Fortunately, after he left, we signed Dzeko and Correa. , The replacement job is well done. Will Lukaku have a chance to return to Inter Milan? Yes, but only on loan.”Return to Sohu to see more


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