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Leave get out of class or stay?Burleigh decides Burleigh’s future after Porter’s future

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Leave get out of class or stay?Burleigh decides Burleigh’s future after Porter’s future

Original title: Leave get out of class or stay in the job?Burleigh decides Porter’s future

To fire or not to fire, that is the question.

For Chelsea boss Burleigh, whether to fire Porter needs to be carefully considered. After succeeding Abramovich in charge of Chelsea, Burleigh chose to fire champion coach Tuchel and hire British coach Porter heavily.

At present, although Chelsea ranks tenth in the Premier League standings, 11 points behind Tottenham, which temporarily ranks fourth, and fans are increasingly disappointed, Burleigh has absolutely no intention of pulling the trigger on Porter. Chelsea were beaten at home by Southampton, bottom of the Premier League last weekend, and that’s what created a big problem. Should Burleigh continue to support his chosen manager and give him the time he needs to turn things around, or should he just say goodbye.

Experts from the British media “Mirror” described their views on this matter.


“We’ve seen it so much that no one believes it’s possible to pinch new players together so quickly and expect them to turn into a winning machine right away. Chelsea’s form is terrible, but Porter didn’t become one overnight. A lousy manager. A big part of his success at Brighton and Östersund is that those two clubs had the patience to let him build their teams. Why would Chelsea be any different. The fans are not happy It’s understandable, but Burleigh and Behdad-Egbaly were right to insist that Porter stay on, and they made it clear from the start that he was their man.”

“When Arteta’s Arsenal were at a low point and there were debates like this going on, the Arsenal board was there behind the scenes. Who’s top of the Premier League now? What Porter has to do now. Is to use the real striker in the team, Aubameyang. Even let him play in the last 20-30 minutes of the game. He needs Aubameyang, Chelsea can’t score now. They are not good enough, so they can’t drop Auba Mayon.”

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“Porter shouldn’t be fired. You can’t bring in a builder coach and then fire him for a few months, it means picking without due diligence, it means management doesn’t know what they’re doing. What. I’ll turn the question around, though, should Porter resign? Given the qualities mentioned above (Porter is a coach who made a name for himself by developing his team for a certain period of time), maybe he’ll have to face a Serious decision on whether Chelsea is right for him. Porter is clearly a good manager and maybe he wasted his time at a club that never gave the managers enough time.”


“The question that Burleigh needs to answer is whether he believes 100 per cent that Porter is the man to take Chelsea forward, even if they fail to qualify for the Champions League. There is no doubt that Porter has a tough job to do despite the resources. , which is to organize a dressing room full of talented players, many of whom are uncomfortable with the sudden change in the team and the departure of the much-loved Tuchel.”

“Porter needs time to adjust his roster to create a more harmonious locker room and implement his philosophy. But you shouldn’t hide the fact that he should do a better job in front of his own players. Chelsea look like a sinking ship at the moment.”

“Is the job too difficult for him? Maybe he’s just not the right fit. Firing a manager on a whim is not the way to build a team in the long run, but there are others on the market who will do a better job. If Burleigh is ready to be tough There is still time to turn this season around if the heart is set. If Porter is confirmed to be the right man, Burleigh should support him for the foreseeable future, regardless of whether there will be a Champions League next season. If not, then Chelsea need Make changes, and the sooner the better.”

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“It would be easy to sack Porter but at some point club owners and directors need to insist on their own judgment because the culture of sacking in English football is getting out of control. Nathan Jones was sacked after only 14 games in charge of Southampton. Sacking, Rob Edwards sacked after 11 games at Watford… Porter deserves more time, especially since Burleigh bought Chelsea and the Blues have spent 6 Billion pounds, which leaves him with a large number of expensive players, and he can’t accommodate them all. If they fire Porter now, the next manager at Stamford Bridge will face the same problem. Porter needs to improve, needs to build Your best lineup.”


“The Burleigh and Chelsea owners believe Potter is the right man for the club’s long-term development. If that’s what they believed when they poached Potter and his team from Brighton, then they need to continue to support that judgment. The Blues’ recent The performance was terrible, but you could say they deserved more for their performance. In the losses against Southampton and Dortmund, they played very well, but they lacked a finishing touch and they missed a lot of chances in front of goal. Made them pay the price.”

“Porter was trying to build a unique style of play, but the key players were injured, especially Reece James (who has returned) and Chilwell. They are very important to the team, and Porter has to adjust a lot of new players. aid.”

“Of course, it’s normal for them to be under pressure from the fans because the team didn’t get a satisfactory result. However, Burleigh and the management need to stick to the long-term plan. Porter has never failed before at any level, anywhere in the league. If They really believe that this season can be dropped, so they have to stand by their original judgment and stand by their chosen man.”

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“Porter needs a process… but can this really be a home loss to Southampton? Porter is considered a good manager, but Chelsea’s slump has already begun. If another manager can be found, maybe it will be good for all parties. all good.”

Neil McLeman: No firing

“If it was in the Abramovich era, Porter would have been fired a long time ago. But Abramovich will never appoint a coach who has no experience in coaching large clubs, and he will not spend money so casually. However, the problem is not whether Porter takes office or the new Started by the boss, Chelsea spent huge sums of money on Lukaku, Werner and Haverts without buying a reliable striker, and allowed him to sign Aubameyang before firing Tuchel. Chelsea now lack Strikers who can score goals, huge signings from the new management have not helped the team win, they are currently tenth in the Premier League table.”

“Porter’s body language is not that important and a win will quell dissatisfaction among the fans. He needs to decide on his best XI and have it in every game for the rest of the season. If Chelsea can’t play this season To be in the top seven in the Premier League would prove that he is not suitable for the job.”

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