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Lecco: Tarzan is the strongest team in the Super League, our lineup is not complete

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Original title: Lecco: Tarzan is the strongest team in the Super League, our lineup is not complete

On the evening of December 18, Beijing time, the Chinese Super League ushered in a focus battle. Shandong Taishan defeated Shanghai Seaport 2-0 with goals from Jia Desong and Sun Zhunhao. After the loss in this game, Haigang has been behind Taishan by 8 points, and there is little hope of hitting the league championship.

After the game, Seaport coach Lecco said: “Our opponents are worthy of victory. The whole game is stronger than us. I give them a big congratulation. Our players did their best and performed well in training, but in such a form During the match, we suffered too many problems. Facing a team with a neat lineup like Shandong, we still encountered some difficulties. At present, Shandong is the best and strongest team in the Super League. We accept failure and hope Learned something useful to us.”

A reporter asked, what is the reason for the team’s failure to play its own characteristics, especially in controlling the ball?

Lecco said: “I agree with what you said. Today is also our worst performance this season. The opponents are better and stronger than us. Whether it is a little control or offensive and defensive with the ball, they have done it. Even better, our team members showed their desire, but they didn’t do it today.”

Regarding the winning situation, Lecco said: “8 points is not a small gap. Our goal is to strive to do better in the next game. As for the final position, let’s see when the time comes.”

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Lecco said that Shandong’s lineup is more complete. “I’ve been encountering many problems since the first training session. We use a less complete lineup to fight against a team with a complete lineup. It’s a bit difficult, but I I am very proud of the attitude shown by the existing players, but Shandong is indeed the better performer today. In the event of failure, everyone is painful, but we have to face failure courageously. We must learn our lesson. , Work harder to train, we have the opportunity to return to a higher level.” (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more


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