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Leclerc: “World champion in F1 with Ferrari in a year, the goal”

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Leclerc: “World champion in F1 with Ferrari in a year, the goal”

The Ferrari driver in Bologna for the FIA ​​year-end gala: “Progress forward in 2022. A few mistakes, we won’t have to make any more. I thank Binotto and wish him the best”

From our correspondent Mario Salvini

– Bologna

At the beginning there was only Charles Leclerc at the press conference. There should be the world champion, Max Verstappen, and his partner, Sergio Perez, third classified. They will arrive a little later. And so at first only Charles speaks. The Ferrari driver is present as runner-up, not the role he would have preferred, of course. But still a step forward, and all in all just one step behind the finish line. “I have conflicting feelings about 2022 because, especially if we compare this season to those of 2020 and 2021, the step forward was evident, and it wasn’t obvious. We’ve been competitive, and that’s the positive side. Then there are things to improve. I made a few mistakes, not many, we must not make them again. And then we haven’t always been at 100% and next year we have to be able to be.” Which, however, even after the farewell of Mattia Binotto, does not worry him. “I am confident about the decisions that Benedetto and John (Vigna and Elkann, ed) will take. And also because we did a great job on the simulator. I’m sure we did a good job, starting with Binotto. And I want to thank him. He called me to tell me he was leaving, I respected his decision. He has been an important part of the team since long before he was team principal, and has contributed significantly to several successes. So I wish him the best, from the bottom of my heart.”

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Vasseur? “Vigna and Elkann will do the right thing, I’m sure”

Soon, very soon, a new era will begin. All beginnings indicate that it will be the era of Frédéric Vasseur. “As far as I know, these are just rumors. I can say that I have already worked with him a long time ago, even before the year in Formula 1, already from GP3, to Art. He is a very good team principal. I have a good relationship with him, but that’s not what matters most or that should influence decisions. I repeat, I am confident that Benedict and John will do the right thing. I’m certainly not the one to say who would be better than who. I can only say that I would like to work with an honest person. With whom you can talk without hiding anything”. Then all that remains is to go on vacation. “And to find myself here as a world champion. The goal is that. So far we have lived through a period of transition. The change at the helm of the team won’t affect my fight to achieve it.”

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