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Left to the shelter because ‘gay’: the story of the little dog Fezco has indignant the world

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Left to the shelter because ‘gay’: the story of the little dog Fezco has indignant the world

Unfortunately, with every summer exodus, there are many, too many dogs which are left on the edges of the highways by families who unload them before going on vacation. In recent months there has been a phenomenon that is even sadder, if possible, as well as unfair and ungrateful: after pandemicto resist lockdown isolation, a adoption boom by 3.4 million people, over the restrictions over 117 thousand owners they changed their minds returning their four-legged friends to kennels or entrusting them to other families.

Fezco, abandoned because for the bosses it would be ‘gay’

In North Carolina, a few weeks ago, something happened, if possible, even more distressing and absurd. The owners of a puppy, after having loaded him into the car, but not to take him to run free and play in the meadows or at the sea, stopped in Stanly County, the shelter for abandoned animals of their area. It is there, behind a cage, that they left their dog, who saw them go away, from behind, forever away from him. And that’s just because, in their opinion, the puppy would have been ‘gay’. Sweet eyes, the dog Fezco, who the shelter operators themselves defined as “friendly and loving with everyone”, was seen at any moment abandoned forever by those who, on the other hand, had to take care of him forever.

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Steve and John, a homosexual couple, have decided to adopt the puppy, renamed Oscar

The justification that the owners have given to the operators of the kennel is one never heard before: they would have seen Fezco ‘riding’ another male dog. But this, the experts say (as well as the failure to mate with a dog), it is not at all indicative of sexuality of a dog, which can assume these attitudes only to demonstrate a sense of domination over the territory or to manifest a sort of social primacy. For his part, the Stanly Account shelter could not help but put an ad on Facebook in which he wrote: “If you know someone who can take care of Fezco, please contact us”. The post, needless to say, went viral in a flash and there were many people who offered to become the new family of Fezco. Just like so many have been the post full of indignation on social media, which condemned the attitude of the bosses. “Honestly it’s better this way – reads one of the comments -. No one so foolish should take care of other lives ”.

What science says about animal sexuality

Scientifically, homosexual behavior exist not only among dogs, but cover over 1500 species of animals. According to a study, the female genitals of the dolphins they turned out to be very similar to those of human beings, they are not only used for reproduction but also to give pleasure. As evidence of this, scientists observed female dolphins rubbing their noses on each other’s genitals. And what about the two pinguini Sphen e Magic, famous all over the world. Both males, they started their own report in 2018and they became so famous that they even ended up in the third season of the television series’Atypical‘. They live at Sea Life Sydney and have started their ‘story’ in a romantic way, with an authentic declaration and a gift: Sphen has chosen and given to Magic, instead of a bouquet of flowers or an engagement ring, a stone. But there is more: while there is still a lot of talk among human beings about the children adopted by gay couples, they, on the other hand, with all the naturalness of the world, did it for real: they adopted and raised a baby penguin.

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The penguin family of Sphen and Magic

Pinguini Sphen e Magic
The gay penguin couple Sphen and Magic hatch the egg of their adopted cub

In fact, in zoos, when the biological parents cannot take care of the whole brood, it is customary I entrust it –And therefore the adoption– of eggs and chicks from other families. And given the harmony between Sphen and Magic, the managers of the zoo have decided to entrust him with an egg, which the two have lovingly and successfully hatched, giving birth to Larawhich is commonly referred to as Sphegic, from the union of the names of both fathers. But there’s more: the family has expanded even further: in 2020 Sphen and Magic had another foster egg and brought into the world Clancy. At that point, since the family had expanded so much, they decided to move to a bigger house and change the area, also becoming real role models for their entire colony. To the point that the zookeepers have noticed that many young penguins decide to nest not in any area, but right near where Sphen and Magic live.

Other trionfo queer occurred in 2019 in New York, in the very central Central Park, where in 2019, the lesbian couple of penguins Roy and Silo gave birth to the first genderless penguin in the world. Same-sex love is more common than you think, and there are many examples around the world: from the gorilla couple at the Rotterdam Zoo to the gay orgy between three lions that took place in 2018 at West Midlands Safari Park .

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