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Legendary NFL coach and well-known video game eponymous John Madden dies at the age of 85

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The National Football League (NFL) announced that the Super Bowl champion coach and legendary announcer John Madden, known to the new generation of video games for the “Madden NFL” series, died on Tuesday, local time, at the age of 85, But did not give the cause of death. The NFL wrote on Twitter that it was saddened to share the news of Madden’s death and called him a “legendary.”


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Madden was born in Minnesota and grew up in California. He was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1958, but was injured before his first season, which resulted in him never participating in a professional game. So Madden switched to coaching. In 1969, at the age of 32, he joined the Oakland Raiders as the head coach. He led the team to a victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the 1977 Super Bowl and retired in 1979.

After the end of his coaching career, Madden entered the field of broadcasting. He brought his colorful speech style and unique voice to the TV room (“BOOM” is his favorite sentence). Since he is also known for refusing to fly, when he needs to travel, he will choose to take the bus and train. He ended up riding a series of customized buses, each of which was called Madden Cruiser. In addition, he also promoted the turkey in a Thanksgiving football game and saw a turkey with his bare hands.

His name has been known by generations of gamers, and they may never know that he is a coach or even a broadcaster. The football video game series now called “Madden NFL” actually came out in 1988 with the support of the former coach and a new version appears every year.

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Now fans of all different aspects of Madden’s life commemorate him on social media.

Reporter Dan Rather wrote: “Very few people can treat life with joy like the legendary football coach and broadcaster John Madden. He is a colleague of CBS, a gentleman with a sense of humor. On the sidelines and in the studio, This energetic mountain was a pioneer. A golden age ended with his death.”


“Why do people my age think that every football color commentator is weird? A large part of the reason is that we grew up with John Madden. He set an unattainable standard,” ESPN’s Bomani Jones on Twitter Write.


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