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Lehmann does not disappoint On the shores and in the lake no one is behind him

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The very favorite Hungarian ace keeps Boy and Bortolamedi at a safe distance Among the girls, Francesca Crestani lines up Lilli Gelmini and Giada Stegani


Csongor Lehmann from Hungary and Francesca Crestani from Vicenza are the winners of the Triathlon Sprint Gold Silca cup staged yesterday on the shores of Lake Santa Croce. The agonistic content of the alpagota event organized by Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto is noteworthy, which in the weekend between absolute competitions and youth competitions (the latter, dedicated to swimming and running, took place on Saturday) saw important numbers: 800 competitors.

Ladies First

Yesterday began at 9, with the women’s race. After swimming 750 meters, the very young junior Giada Stegani (Leosport), already winner of the Revine Kids Triathlon at the beginning of July, is the first to get out of the water, followed by Elisa Marcon (Cus Pro Patria Milano) and Lilli Gelmini (707 ). The first two, once they get on their bikes, stretch a bit on their pursuers, but behind they organize and push, so much so that they manage to return.

After 19.3 km, the first in T2 area are Erica Mazzer (Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto), Crestani (Tri Schio) and Gelmini. As soon as the last fraction has begun, the 5-kilometer race on foot, it is Crestani that takes off. Nobody takes it back and the Vicenza wins in 1h01’35 ”, preceding Gelmini (1h02’14 ”) and Stegani (1h02’18 “0. The athlete Silca, Erica Mazzer, touches the podium with the fifth place. “I came out of the water in the top five, then with others we recovered by bike and on foot I immediately disconnected all of them”, comments the winner, “I am really happy. Now I will take a week off and then I will continue training in view of the tricolors under 23 sprint ».

The men at 11

Shortly before 11 am the start for the men, divided into five batteries. Very hard-fought race from the start. After swimming 750 meters, three of them come out of the water in the lead: the Hungarian Lehmann, the Paduan Nicolò Boy and the thirty-eight Michele Bortolamedi. The trio also pushes hard on a bicycle, so much so that they return to the transition area with a large advantage over the chasing group. Shortly after the start of the third and last fraction, the Hungarian, always very fast in the race, takes off. For him the second victory in a Silca event, after the triumph in the European Cup in Caorle on May 15th. Boy on Bortolamedi wins the sprint for second place.

«I am very happy with the performance», comments the winner, «I knew I was in shape after winning the European Cup in Tiszaujvaros a week ago. In fact, I pushed hard right from the start, both in swimming and cycling. Then I knew I was doing well in the race and so I attacked as soon as I started the leg on foot. I was able to accumulate a good advantage immediately, which I took to the finish line. I wanted to do well and give everything I had ». –

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