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Leiden on de Jong’s wings wins the Benelux derby

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ZZ Leiden is the other qualified for the semifinals. In the match of the Benelux against Mons-Hainaut, the Dutch coach Hammink impose themselves in the sprint closing a comeback started in the third quarter at -12 (52-40). After two balanced quarters, the Belgians beat their rivals with the approaching movements of the former Nzekwesi (double-double from 15 + 10); the reaction of Leiden is entrusted to the veteran de Jong and the long Midtgaard (22 with 10/13): the couple brings the game back to a tie in the 39th minute (72-72). The Belgians waste an attack with Nzekwesi and give two trips to the line for Mikalauskas who, however, only makes 2/4. Belfius has time to find 74 even in percussion, leaving 2.6 “on the clock: in the timeout Hammink draws a flying pick’n’roll for de Jong who mocked the Belgian defense by scoring on entry and closing with 21 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assist. –


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