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Leoni, no trip to Scotland “Pro 14 amaro, head to Agen”

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The ordeal is over, there will be no further station. No recovery in Edinburgh for Benetton, the Pro 14 Board decided, believing that the result would not bring any change to the ranking. The result is 0-0 and the Scots get 4 points since the postponement was caused by the unavailability of Treviso due to Covid (an isolated case). But there is also some good: the Lions have avoided a useless trip, expenses and effort saved. The fact remains that for the first time in history, Benetton closed the tournament with all defeats, doing worse, albeit with fewer games, than the 2015-16 season (3 successes) and 2014-15 (3 successes and one draw). . «Luckily it’s over – comments the president Amerino Zatta – it was a year that was born badly and ended worse. The interruption a year ago did not allow us to do a good preparation and the results have been seen. And we had to deal with the many called up for the national team and rather serious injuries. A whole series of sufferings that we have carried with us to the end. In hindsight we could have done better but, as they say, sometimes it happens that even the best wines are corked ».

In fact, you were the team most affected by Covid. «How many matches postponed. To say: the Zebras have not even had one. But now let’s look ahead: between Challenge and Rainbow we still have at least 7 matches to play, let’s hope even more ». President, with Agen you cannot lose. «There is never an end to the worst but I assure you that the team is preparing in the best way, I have the utmost confidence that we will present ourselves in the best possible way. After all, it is in Challenge that we have had the only satisfaction so far ».

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There will also be Monty Ioane, back from his adventure with Italy: «The season did not go according to our plans, but there is the Challenge and a new team to face, namely Agen. We are excited for this new challenge and we will try to bring home the result. Against the French teams we must always expect a physical game, they have very strong forwards and we will have to try to find their defense with our backs. We have good individualities, but we have to work as a group and balance the battle with our forwards ». –

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