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Leoni, the secret is in the melee “Ospreys, a matter of physique”

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The novelty of Benetton: a first line capable of holding up even with Ulster Il pylon Pasquali: “Beware of the Welsh pack, indiscipline weighs on us ahead”


After six months, the first bitterness of the season having been archived, Benetton is working in Ghirada to welcome the Ospreys with dignity (Saturday at 16.05) and to extend the winning streak in Monigo which has now reached 7 in all competitions, including the final of the Rainbow Cup. The Lions are also aware that they have lost their last six games against Welsh opponents, since they managed to overtake the Dragons in Newport in March 2020. And they also know that Ospreys have won their last three head-to-head matches. In short, the tradition seems adverse but it is counted that the “law of Monigo” can make another victim. This is how the pylon Tiziano Pasquali sees it: «The Ospreys are very similar to the Ulster, they certainly have a very physical pack, so we want to be ready especially up front. The approach will have to be like the one with Ulster but, of course, with a few less inaccuracies, to then take advantage of any opportunity we have to score points and take home the victory. In Belfast I admit that we made a few mistakes too many, I mean errors of discipline: in our league when you play away from home it is not possible to allow these neglect, because in the end you pay dearly ». One of the positive notes in the defeat in Belfast, but not only, was the performance of the scrum and in particular of the front row. «The scrum is the result of a lot of training, starting from the youngest up to those with a little more experience. We have set ourselves the goal of being one of the best scrums in the league. The path is still long, but we are putting the foundations in place ». You got off to a good start in these early rounds and physically gives the impression of being 100%. «Last year I had some injuries that didn’t allow me to express myself on the pitch, I had a few too many hitches. This year with the staff I set myself the goal of being at the top physically, so as not to have these relapses ».

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