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LG Cup quarterfinals against China 3-0 South Korea Ke Jie Yang Dingxin Mi Yuting advances to quarterfinals

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Original title: LG Cup quarterfinals fight China 3-0 South Korea Ke Jie Yang Dingxin Mi Yuting enters the quarterfinals

On November 7th, Beijing time, the quarter-finals of the 26th LG Cup World Chess King Tournament were held online. In the first three games between China and South Korea, all three Chinese players won. The two-time Dream Lily Cup champion Mi Yu Ting ended the battle early and he defeated South Korea’s Bian Sang Yi to advance to the semi-finals. In the match between Ke Jie and Pu Tinghuan, he withstood the pressure and finally forced his opponent to concede defeat in the mid-range. In the match between Yang Dingxin and Shen Minyi, Shen Minyi once had a winning rate of over 90%, but the 183rd move in the final official stage was suspected to have slipped, leading to a collapse of the situation and finally Yang Dingxin winning. Another quarterfinal match between Shen Zhenzhen and Yililiao will be held tomorrow, and the semi-finals of this match will start the day after tomorrow.

In the LG Cup this year, after two rounds of fierce battles in early June this year, three Chinese players Ke Jie, Yang Dingxin, and Mi Yuting reached the quarter-finals, and the top four Korean players, Shen Zhenzhen, Park Tinghua, Shen Minji, and Bian Sang Yi occupies half of the quarter-finals, and Yili Liao won the only quarter-finals seat for the Japanese team. Before today’s game, Ke Jie and Park Tinghuan had 28 official confrontations, and they each won 14 games.

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The first to end today was the match between Mi Yuting and Bian Xiangyi. Mi Yuting was the white player in this game. His 42nd and 44th moves had already taken the lead after a continuous draw from the bottom. In the mid-game, Mi Yuting played proactively. After playing more than 100 hands, White gradually mastered the rhythm of the scene and gradually consolidated his advantage. The two went to the 190th move, and Mi Yuting won the game in the middle.

In the match between Ke Jie and Piao Tinghuan, Piao Tinghuan took the black first, and the white chess was slightly disadvantaged in the upper right corner of the battle. Then in the fierce battle on the left, the 47th and 49th moves of the black chess of Park Tinghuan covered the white chess on the side and took the obvious upper hand. Then black made a mistake in the upper attack, and white’s passive position eased. The 91st move of black chess made a slow move in the lower area, and Ke Jie’s 92nd and 94th moves continued to catch up with the situation.

Next, Ke Jie’s white chess made a robbery on the upper left, with the intention of threatening the survival of the upper black chess. Pu Tinghuan then took the initiative to eliminate the robbery, and the plate is still very detailed. At the last moment, Ke Jie had only 2 countdowns left and Pu Tinghuan had 31 minutes left, and withstood the pressure to maintain the advantage of about two goals until the end. Pu Tinghuan made consecutive mistakes at critical moments, and the gap widened. In the end, he Seeing the inability to come back, he had to admit defeat in the mid-range.

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The match between Yang Dingxin and Shen Minqi was very dramatic. In the first half of this game, Bai Yang Dingxin was behind most of the time. By the 183rd move, Shen Minyu made an unbelievable error. The outside speculated that Shen Minyu had slipped the bid, and Yang Dingxin seized the opportunity to encircle the central black chess dragon. Was Shen Minqi emotionally affected after his big mistake? The 207th move once again made a lethal move, and Shen Minqi gave up in the 224th move.

The LG Cup World Chess King Championship prize is 300 million won (approximately 1.625 million yuan), and the runner-up prize is 100 million won (approximately 540,000 yuan). There are 3 hours for each side of the game, 5 40-second countdowns without lunch break. Prior to this, South Korea had won the championship 11 times, China 12 times (including 1 time in Taiwan), and Japan 2 times. This stage of the competition will be from November 7th to November 10th. The quarter-finals and semi-finals of this tournament will be completed. The three Chinese players have already reached the semi-finals. The specific match will be tomorrow, Shen Zhenzhen and Yililiao. After the game, it will be decided by drawing lots. (Red)Return to Sohu to see more


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