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Li Tiexin has been with his players, what other “new forces” are available in the national football team? _Back waist

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Original title: What “new force” does Li Tiexin have with his players in the national football team?

A narrow 3 to 2 victory over Vietnam, the hard-won victory does not really relax the national football soldiers, because in the early morning of October 13th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the top 12 match is about to start again-and the opponents in this field are the previous three. Saudi Arabia scored 9 points in its turn. For the national football team, this will be a very difficult game, so what other “new force” can provide support for the national football team?

First of all, let’s look at the attack line. Exon, Wu Lei, Zhang Yuning, Alan, Luo Guofu, including Wu Xinghan, Liu Binbin, Wei Shihao and other wing players all appeared. The one who has not yet played is Guo Tianyu. In fact, the Sino-Vietnam battle was originally Guo Tianyu. The best chance to play, but another local center, Zhang Yuning, performed very well after starting.

Normally, Zhang Yuning is the starting center of the China-Saudi Arabia battle. The national football team needs such a strong fulcrum, but it should be noted that Zhang Yuning’s consumption in the China-Vietnam battle is very large, and there are injuries in the game. Even if the battle between China and Saudi Arabia starts, it is impossible to support the entire game. Under this circumstance, Guo Tianyu can completely get the opportunity to come off the bench. Although Guo Tianyu is a center, he has both speed and impact and can completely become a national football team. The backup Raiders.

In fact, the offensive line, including forwards and full-backs, is not worrying. What is worrying about the national football is still the defensive line and the back. In the Sino-Australian war and the Sino-Vietnamese war, the national football is at the same time as the central defender. There is a problem, which is a difficult problem that the national football coach Li Tie can’t avoid.

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Saudi Arabia players are flexible, fast, and strong in passing and receiving. In view of this characteristic, the national football team needs a targeted response in terms of the configuration of the back waist and defense line.

For Li Tie, there is no doubt about the defensive counterattack tactics in the battle between China and Saudi Arabia, but he still has to face a choice: strengthen his midfielder or strengthen his defense? If the defense line is strengthened, then the national football team can adopt a five-back configuration. The biggest advantage of this choice is that it solves the problem of empty ribs in the national football. After all, Saudi Arabia’s use of the opponent’s ribs in the offensive is one of the common routines. Our other option is to strengthen the midfielder, by strengthening the defensive ability of the midfielder, blocking the Saudi team’s offense and penetration.

In addition to Wu Xi and Zhang Xizhe, the two starting midfielders, Hao Junmin is the main rotation midfielder. At present, it may be a very good choice for Hao Junmin to return to the starting lineup. If it is a third midfielder, Hao Junmin will be behind, and Wu Xi and Jin Jingdao (Chi Zhongguo) will form a three midfielder configuration. The defense quality at the front of the restricted area of ​​the National Football Team can be basically guaranteed.

Of course, this is a normal idea. In fact, the national football team is still very equipped in the position of the midfielder. Xu Xin and Wang Qiuming are both midfielders, and their performance in the league is also very good. Li Tie summoned them, obviously, too. Aware of the problem of the back midfielder. They may need to take some risks to use the double-back midfielder system, but under the three-back midfielder system, they have a chance to get a position. For example, Wang Qiuming has technology and speed, which is not unusable.

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On the defense line, whether using five guards or four guards, Micro Motion can become a new force in the national football team. His appearance in the league is too stable, and he is young, fast, and flexible. Take the five guards as an example. Wang Shenchao reclaims to form three guards with Jiang Guangtai and Zhang Linpeng, then the left wing guard can be handed over to Micro Motion Wing, or Li Ang, Jiang Guangtai and Zhang Linpeng form three central defenders, and Wang Shenchao returns to his position in the club on the right wing. Wei, the left wing guard, hand it over to Gao Junyi.

One reality is that Wang Gang was injured and ended in the Sino-Vietnamese battle. Although the news shows that Wang Gang is not a major problem, I am afraid that there will still be some impacts during the Sino-Saudi war. In this case, let Wang Shenchao, who has a stable defense line, strengthen it. Defending on the right and handing over to Micro Motion on the left is actually a very suitable choice. As for the central defender, Zhu Chenjie performed well in the Sino-Japanese war, but he was accidentally injured in subsequent training. Whether he can recover before the game against Saudi Arabia is still unknown.

It must be said that the current defense lineup of the national football team is actually flawed. The opponents of the top 12 national football teams such as Japan, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia are all fast and flexible teams. The national football team should deploy more speed in the defense line. Fast players, such as the Sino-Vietnamese battle, after Wang Gang was injured, the national football team can completely substitute for a defensive right back, so the national football defense line may not fall into chaos.

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In fact, with the current lineup selection of the National Football Team, we can clearly see Li Tie’s thinking, that is, he believes more in the players who have been following him. This is probably the reason why the new players of the National Football Team have not been able to get opportunities before. However, in 5 days and 2 games, the national football’s physical fitness was originally average, and the average age of the starting lineup was too old, and the main players were generally fatigued. At this time, giving the newcomers a chance may be a surprise. Of course, our theoretical analysis and interpretation of the player’s condition will ultimately be subject to the player’s training situation. In this regard, Li Tie also has the most say.

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