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Li Yueru talks about going to the United States to play: first finish the Asian Games and the World Cup before going to the WNBA next year_Game_Time_Growing

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Li Yueru talks about going to the United States to play: first finish the Asian Games and the World Cup before going to the WNBA next year_Game_Time_Growing

Original title: Li Yueru talks about going to the United States to play: first play the Asian Games and World Cup before going to the WNBA next year

On April 8, Beijing time, there was news on the Internet that the Chinese Basketball Association did not agree with Li Yueru, an insider star, to go to the United States to participate in the WNBA competition. Later, Li Yueru himself published an article, discussing in detail the inside story of going to the United States, and revealed that the current arrangement is to finish this year’s game. The Asian Games and the Women’s Basketball World Cup will be played in the United States next year.

The following is the full text of “Thinking About My Exercise in the United States” released by Li Yueru:

Regarding the question of my inability to play in the WNBA, here are some responses to some media teachers who do not know the truth but criticize my agency at will:

First of all, the club is very supportive of playing football, and the owner has expressed that he is standing with me many times. Secondly, my company’s agent is qualified as a registered agent of the Chinese Basketball Association. Finally, my passport was not approved for some reasons. In order to be able to go to the WNBA, my Chinese agent and American agent have done a lot of work. Can’t go depends on the will of the clubs and associations.

(Tell me about this for everyone)

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The preparation time for this matter is really long. I only signed the agency last year. When I signed the agency, I only had one purpose. I wanted to play on the highest stage, to show the spirit of the Chinese women’s basketball team, to hit the wall, to Frustrated, to grow. At the very beginning, I told the agency that whether I make money or not, even if I pay by myself, I want to go to the stage of my dreams. Then the brokerage company promised me that they would work 100% to ensure that my dream plan would come true. Until last year’s league, the brokerage company began to operate this thing. At the beginning, Atlanta transferred my signature to the Los Angeles Sparks. When I thought I could go to the Sparks after the league was over, the leaders first raised concerns that I would not be able to return to the game and the quarantine during the epidemic. advise me to wait. After the agent communicated with the Sparks, we understand that it is impossible for any team to only take you to play in the regular season and not play in the playoffs. It simply does not want to train you. I thought at the time, let it be. Wait a minute, there is still a chance.

It just so happened that when the league was over, my waist was injured, and I was not in the mood to care if I was going to go. Later, I partially recovered from the injury and caught up with the World Preliminaries. My performance was also somewhat unexpected. The pain of the injury was indeed not in vain. Later, the agent said that he was afraid of affecting my game. He didn’t say anything during the preliminaries. The Los Angeles Sparks signed Cambage. I said that if there is no chance to play, I will not go. I will wait until the end of this year’s competition. Time is used where it matters. He said support me.

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Later, the Chicago Sky team asked for my signing rights, gave me a relatively good treatment, and expressed support for me coming back to play the Asian Games and World Cup, and said that if I went, I would not be able to play. The ball, cancel the contract at any time and return home. I really appreciate coach James Wade and the team, and also thank my agency for helping me a lot behind the scenes. At this time, I encountered the second problem. The leaders expressed that because of my importance to the national team, they hoped that I would stay for a year, and once again, once again. After playing the Asian Games and the World Cup, I will go again next year.I was worried at first that I would be getting older and less competitive if I waited, but after a long time of ideological struggle, my decision at present is that if it really doesn’t work out in the end, stay and stay. Pretty seeds can grow into towering trees anywhere. It was the country that nurtured me, and it was time for me to grow up to be able to repay the country. Chairman Mao said that being a brick of the people should be moved wherever it is needed. I can wait until the place that needs me is over, and then I can go after my dreams.

but! I think it makes sense from the standpoint of both parties. I think in a different position. If I am the leader, I should also want this player to stay. Therefore, I don’t want fans, friends and media friends to over-interpret it. Don’t criticize, you will find it unpleasant to look at the other side from anyone’s standpoint.

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Finally, I will start the national team training camp soon. I hope everyone will not speculate too much, and don’t take up public media resources. I will devote myself to training and competitions.Continue to devote 100% to every arena and grow into a more comprehensive fighter

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