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Li Zijia Avenges Defeat and Advances to Top 32 in Badminton Men’s Singles at Hangzhou Asian Games

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Li Zijia Avenges Defeat and Advances to Top 32 in Badminton Men’s Singles at Hangzhou Asian Games

Title: Li Zijia Secures Revenge in Badminton Men’s Singles at Hangzhou Asian Games

Date: 02/10/2023

Li Zijia, the number one men’s singles player from Malaysia, successfully avenged his previous defeat against Hong Kong star Ng Ka Long in the first round of the badminton men’s singles match at the Hangzhou Asian Games. After a thrilling match, Li Zijia emerged victorious with a 2-1 win, reaching the top 32.

Ranked 16th in the world, Li Zijia faced off against Ng Ka Long, who was ranked 18th in the world. It was their sixth encounter, with Li Zijia looking to overcome his previous losses. In the first game, Li Zijia struggled with numerous mistakes, while Ng Ka Long displayed patience, ultimately winning the game 15-21.

However, Li Zijia made a remarkable comeback in the second game, improving his performance and executing explosive kills. Ng Ka Long, on the other hand, made several errors, allowing Li Zijia to claim the game with a score of 21-15. The second game lasted 21 minutes.

Entering the decisive game, Li Zijia maintained his momentum, taking the lead and ultimately securing a 21-16 victory. This win marked the end of Li Zijia’s four-game losing streak against Ng Ka Long, shifting their head-to-head record to 2 wins and 4 losses in favor of Li Zijia.

Speaking about his key to reversing the game, Li Zijia emphasized perseverance and avoiding giving up. Determined to continue his fighting spirit and increase his confidence, Li Zijia expressed his satisfaction in avenging his previous defeat.

In the second round, Li Zijia will face Timor-Leste player Mourinho. With a strong performance, Li Zijia is expected to reach the top 16 and potentially challenge Thailand’s world champion and No. 3 seed Kunlavo.

Meanwhile, in other matches, Chinese Taipei’s Chou Tien-cheng, India’s Srikanth, and Japan’s Kenta Nishimoto emerged victorious in the first round. Malaysian women’s singles player Goh Jin Ke also secured an easy win, progressing to the top 32.

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The Hangzhou Asian Games has already witnessed intense competition in the badminton men’s and women’s singles categories. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly await more thrilling matches and remarkable performances from their favorite players.

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