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Liao Media: Liao Basketball’s high-pressure defense shows that the qualities of a strong team have gradually improved

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Original title: Liao Media: Liao Basketball’s high-pressure defense shows that the qualities of a strong team have gradually improved

The first stage of the CBA regular season event ushered in the closing game on the 14th. In the “first battle”, the Liaoning men’s basketball team defeated the powerful Zhejiang Guangsha team 102 to 94. In this “strong dialogue”, Liao basketball’s high-intensity defense and excellent team basketball became the key to victory. In the first stage of the league, the well-rounded Liao basketball team gradually entered a better position, fully demonstrating its hard power, ranking first with a record of 12 wins and 1 loss.

Tough defense

Show the true qualities of a strong team

Before this campaign, the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team and Zhejiang Guangsha Team had only lost one game, ranking the top two in the standings. Which team won yesterday will win the first place in the first stage. The key to the competition between strong teams is defense. The Liaoning men’s basketball team uses high-pressure defense to limit the Zhejiang Guangsha team.

Liao basket’s close pressing made the opponents very uncomfortable. Foge and Zhao Jiwei were almost on the frontcourt to mark Sun Minghui and Zhao Yanhao of the Guangsha team’s point guards, and they succeeded in stealing 6 times in the first quarter alone. Liao basketball’s high-pressure defense suddenly disrupted the Guangsha team’s offensive rhythm, making it difficult for opponents to organize an effective offense. The Liao basketball team’s multiple steals turned into a continuous quick counterattack, which made the Guangsha team undefeable. In the first quarter of the game, the Liao basketball team led by 34 to 18.

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Liao basketball’s high-quality defense lasted for three quarters, allowing the team to lead by nearly 20 points early to establish the victory. In the whole game, the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team successfully tackled Zhejiang Guangsha team 16 times. Such a number of steals is really rare. Foreign aid Fogg completed 6 steals and is the player with the most steals in the game.

In the finals of last season, Fogg played very poorly, which made the outside world have some doubts about him. But it needs to be pointed out that before joining the Liaoning Basketball Association, Fogg only played four CBA playoffs, and the time he spent with the team was just a few regular season games. His positive attitude toward the game last season was recognized by the Liaoning Basketball Association and successfully renewed his contract. The focus of the game and high-quality defense are inseparable from his positive attitude.

In addition to Foge, Zhao Jiwei contributed 4 steals and Zhang Zhenlin contributed 3 steals. It is the high-pressure defense that completely suppressed the momentum of the Guangsha team and highlighted the nature of the Liao basketball team.

Excellent strength

The whole team is getting better

It is worth mentioning that in this “first battle”, the absolute main force of the Liaoning men’s basketball team, Guo Ailun and backup center Zhu Rongzhen, are off, which is enough to see the team’s super deep bench depth. In the absence of Guo Ailun, the foreign aid Fogg completely filled the vacancy. Not only did he perform well on the defensive end, but also on the offensive end. In 29 minutes and 48 seconds of playing time, he made 6 of 6 two-pointers, 3 of 5 three-pointers, 4 free throws and 4 free throws. He scored a game-high 25 points with a very high efficiency and also had 3 points. 1 rebounds and 3 assists.

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In addition, Fogg’s positive and negative value is the highest in the game. In the case of only playing a little more than two quarters, the positive and negative value reached +20, highlighting the importance of this foreign aid to the Liao basketball team.

Fogg’s role is certainly important, but the Liao basketball team can win the key battle or rely on the strength of the team. Throughout the game, the Liaoning men’s basketball team had 26 assists, of which Zhao Jiwei contributed 11 assists. The Liao basketball team has many scoring players, both inside and outside are blooming. The shooting percentages of two-pointers and three-pointers are as high as 69% and 42% respectively, which makes Guangsha team almost impossible to defend.

In addition, in the whole game, only Zhang Zhenlin, Zhao Jiwei, and Han Dejun were the only players who played more than 30 minutes in the Liao basketball team. The players had sufficient rotation to ensure the players’ adequate physical fitness. In contrast, Zhejiang Guangsha team, the five main players played more than 30 minutes, the strength of the substitute lineup is obviously weaker than the Liao basketball team, which is one of the reasons for their loss.

In the 13 games of the first stage, the Liao basketball team played better and better, and they were in excellent condition.

After the game, Liao basketball coach Yang Ming said: “Everyone played very well in the’first battle’. With Guo Ailun and Zhu Rongzhen truce, other players can stand up, share more, and play team basketball. This is the key to victory. The first stage. Ranked first, we completed the phased tasks well, and after returning to Shenyang, we will continue to run in the team to accumulate our energy for the next stage of the event.”

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