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“Life without him would be quite unbearable”

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“Life without him would be quite unbearable”

Despite being a well-known presenter, we know very little about Jorge Javier Vázquez’s private life. Sometimes through his blog in the magazine ‘Lecturas’ he has sometimes talked about a person called ‘P.’ which referred to his ex-partner. They were together almost ten years.

Now the presenter has opened up and He explained to his followers that his ex-partner gave him a letter on one of their last anniversaries. when they were no longer together, but it took him more than a year to read it.

“Knowing my ex, I assumed that this letter contained a very nice message. And I was so embarrassed to read it that it took me more than a year.“explained Jorge Javier. But even though he didn’t dare to read it, he always carried it with him:

“I carried it in the purse that I use for my daily life and, if I went on vacation, I kept it inside my backpack. Until one day I read it.”

“Its content was not, by any means, what I expected (…) The message came to tell me that no matter how much we had talked, our relationship would not have gone ahead because we were in different cars.“, said the presenter.

Your ex-partner is still one of the most important people in your life. In the end, love transforms and that is part of the process: “Life without him would be quite unbearable,” he admits.

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