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Ligue 1 comprehensive:Mbappe returns to “Paris” to win at home_Neymar_Montpellier_Messi

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Original title: Ligue 1 comprehensive: Mbappe returns to “Paris” to win at home

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, August 13 (Reporter Xiao Yazhuo) On the 13th, Paris Saint-Germain, the defending champion of the French Football League, ushered in the first home game of the new season. Mbappe, who missed the first round of the league last week due to injury, returned. Messi and Neymar started together, and “Paris” beat Montpellier 5:2, winning two consecutive league victories.

Neymar, who scored a “hat-trick” in the first round of the game, continued to perform well in this campaign. He scored a goal in the second half and became the biggest contributor to the team’s victory.

The first half can be described as twists and turns. First, Messi made a point, and Mbappe missed a penalty. But the French star will make up for it later. After breaking through on the right side of the penalty area, he made a cross and caused the opponent’s defender Nicolas Oolong to help Paris take the lead. Just 3 minutes later, it was the unlucky Sacco who sent a handball while defending Messi. This time it was Neymar who took the penalty spot. The Brazilian helped the home team lead by two goals before halftime.

In the 51st minute, Neymar received a cross from Ashraf and scored a header to further expand the lead for “Paris”. Although Montpellier was then pulled back by Hazri, Mbappe scored a goal in the 69th minute, which completely lost the suspense of the game.

Before the end of the game, Sanchez, who came off the bench, scored another goal for “Paris”, and Montpellier right-back Chato received a good pass from his teammate in injury time and scored a powerful shot from the edge of the small penalty area. The score was finally fixed at 5. :2.

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On the same day, Monaco drew 1:1 with Rennes at home. French striker Laborde scored in the 59th minute to give Rennes the lead, while Swiss international Embolo scored in the 72nd minute to level the score. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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