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Limana and Cavarzano, merger in sight. The fourth force of the Belluno area is born

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It is getting harder and harder to find money and managers willing to make a certain commitment: joining forces is an obligatory path


Limana and Cavarzano evaluate a sort of merger. At the moment, however, it concerns only the first team and the regional juniors, while the two youth sectors should remain distinct. The two clubs are working on it, led by the Gialloblù president Ulisse Trezzi and the Giallorossi counterpart Claudio Sella, who coordinate the operations together with their respective management groups. However, no one makes official statements, and it is also understandable given the delicacy of the negotiations; however, the existence of a reasoning in this sense is confirmed.


Looking at the purely sporting aspect, the new first team would play in the Promotion. On the other hand, it is the current category to which both companies belong, so in fact it would not change anything. Of course, the province would lose a lineup, in any case in Covid time thinking about the bell tower can prove to be a counterproductive choice: there are fewer and fewer sponsors and managers and finding players willing to take on a certain type of commitment is complicated. Limana and Cavarzano in fact hypothesize that, constituting the fourth most important association of Belluno football in terms of the championship played, it would be allowed to think in the long term and in an ambitious way. Furthermore, no one would see their identity deleted, waiting to understand the new name. The Cavarzano has never made any secret of having some difficulties from the point of view of the structures, and in any case making ends meet is never something so immediate. And yet Limana himself, who has spared no expense in the last three seasons, feels the weight of the pandemic; even the president Trezzi had hypothesized a restart from the Third. In fact, therefore, the needs of one and the other are married. In addition to the first team, also the juniors would become unique, in order to facilitate the passage to the first team of the boys ready to jump. Up to the students, on the other hand, everyone would keep their own colors and their own denomination. However, these are just some of the details that have emerged through rumors. More will be known over the next few weeks when there should be a clarifying press conference.

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Cavarzano is especially cautious, burned a year ago by the missed agreement at the last minute with Alpina. The association that represents one of the most important districts of Belluno could give the new first team its own coach, Massimiliano Parteli, firmly on the Giallorossi bench in the last three championships. The Limana was instead led by Andrea Speranza. However, these are steps and decisions following the collaboration – merger. Once formalized, the field aspects will be considered. Last item filtered: the managers are considering creating a sort of “satellite” formation to be enrolled in Terza. There is great excitement therefore, and who knows what other surprises provincial football could reserve in what hopefully will become the first real post Covid season. –

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