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Linzhi, Tibet: Basongcuo International Rafting Open starts-China News

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Basongcuo International Rafting Open Kicks Off in Tibet Autonomous Region

The Basongcuo International Rafting Open of the 2024 Namjagbarwa Plateau Sports Conference in Linzhi, Tibet officially began on April 20, bringing together athletes from around the world to compete in the picturesque setting of Basongcuo Lake.

Co-sponsored by the Water Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, the Sports Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and the Linzhi Municipal People’s Government, the event is hosted by the Linzhi Municipal Education Bureau and the Gongbu Jiangda County People’s Government. This marks the first international-level water sports event held in the Tibet Autonomous Region, showcasing the region’s commitment to promoting sports events around the Himalayas and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

The competition features three events: a two-person boat rafting competition, a four-person boat rafting rally, and a four-person boat rafting round-the-clock competition. With a 8km long track, the four-person boat rafting event provides a challenging yet scenic venue for contestants to test their skills and push their limits. To ensure fairness and professionalism, the competition rules have been updated this year with guidance from the International Rafting Federation.

Linzhi, Tibet has attracted 120 athletes from 30 teams to participate in the Basongcuo International Rafting Open, thanks to its expertise in hosting water sports events and its natural beauty. The event promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent and teamwork in the heart of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

With stunning views of Basongcuo Lake as the backdrop, the Basongcuo International Rafting Open is set to be a memorable event for athletes and spectators alike. Stay tuned for updates on the competition as athletes battle it out on the waters of Tibet.

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