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List of World Championships in Athletics in China released

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List of World Championships in Athletics in China released

2022-07-10 11:39:36Source: Beijing Youth Daily

List of World Championships in Athletics in China released

Chinese men’s 4×100m relay team won bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics

From July 16th to 25th, the 2022 World Track and Field Championships will be held in Eugene, USA. In the list of qualified athletes announced on the official website of the World Athletics Federation on July 8, 47 Chinese team members were shortlisted for the World Championships. Judging from the current state of the finalists, it is difficult for the Chinese Legion to replicate the glory of the Tokyo Olympics in this World Championships. In addition, the Chinese men’s 4×100m relay team won the bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye each won

The only qualification for the 100m and 200m

Judging from the qualifying results of the Eugene World Athletics Championships, the Chinese team currently has 47 and 2 relay teams shortlisted. Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye each won the only men’s 100m and 200m qualifications, and no other Chinese sprinters have made breakthroughs. Su Bingtian qualified for the World Championships with his time of 100 meters, 9.83 seconds in the semi-finals of the Tokyo Olympics.

Judging from the process of reaching the standard, through the efforts during this year’s season, there are not many Chinese players who have reached the standard of the World Championships. On the women’s side, 100m star Ge Manqi ran 11.13 seconds in June this year, successfully reaching the standard. Xie Zhenye ran 20.13 seconds in the men’s 200-meter race, reaching the main event. Women’s shot put player Song Jiayuan became the biggest discovery of the season. She has cast 20 meters 20 and 20 meters 38 in the trials successively, becoming one of the brightest stars in the current Chinese team.

In other events, women’s javelin Liu Shiying, men’s triple jump Zhu Yaming and others all reached the World Championships with their performance in the Tokyo Olympics. Li Ling, Wang Jianan, Wu Ruiting and others reached the standard with their achievements in the 2021 National Games, Xie Wenjun met the standard in the 110-meter hurdles, and both the Chinese men’s and women’s teams qualified for the 4×100-meter relay.

Advantage projects focus on

Women’s walking, shot put and other events

Judging from the current list of standards, the Chinese team’s dominant events in this World Championship are still concentrated in traditional dominant events such as women’s race walking, women’s shot put, and women’s javelin. As the 2017, 2019 World Championships and the women’s shot put champion of the Tokyo Olympics, Gong Lijiao will attack the world championships for three consecutive championships. Teenager Song Jiayuan has pitched 20 meters 20 and 20 meters 38 this season, which is bound to form a mutually reinforcing Gemini relationship with Gong Lijiao. In contrast, American player Chase Elie threw 20 meters 48 and 20 meters 51 in a row at the end of June, which is close to Gong Lijiao’s Olympic victory and will be a strong opponent for Gong Lijiao.

In this season, the famous Chinese race walker, Sister Qieyang Shi, has performed exceptionally well, and her competition results during the foreign training period were amazing. The Eugene World Championships canceled the men’s and women’s 50-kilometer walks, and set up new men’s and women’s 35-kilometer walks. The Chinese women’s team is expected to win the first gold medal in the history of the 35-kilometer race walking world championships by virtue of the group’s advantages. It is worth noting that Yang Jiayu, the gold medalist in the women’s 20km race walking at the 2017 World Championships, is not on the list.

Strive for the advantage project

Hold the ground and win the medal

Although the Chinese Athletics Corps won 2 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes at the Tokyo Olympics a year ago, the men’s 100-meter relay, men’s triple jump, women’s javelin and shot put have all made history, but this season the world‘s It is also an indisputable fact that performance is increasing. Judging from the performances of this year’s Diamond League, each of the world‘s top teams has created the best results of the season in many events such as track and track events. In contrast, if the Chinese Athletics Corps is able to hold on to its territory and win medals in advantageous events, it is a victory.

Text/Co-ordinator by our reporter Chu Peng/Wang Yong


100 meters: Su Bingtian

200 meters: Xie Zhenye

Marathon: Dong Guojian, Peng Jianhua, Yang Shaohui

110m hurdles: Xie Wenjun

Pole vault: Huang Bokai

Long jump: Huang Changzhou, Wang Jianan

Triple jump: Fang Yaoqing, Wu Ruiting, Zhu Yaming

20km race walk: Cui Lihong, Niu Wenchao,

Wang Kaihua, Zhang Jun

35km race walk: He Xianghong, Xu Hao, Tashi Yangben

4x100m relay: Chen Guanfeng, Deng Zhijian, Su Bingtian,

Tang Xingqiang, Wu Zhiqiang, Xie Zhenye


100 meters: Ge Manqi, Liang Xiaojing

Marathon: Li Zhixuan, Zhang Deshun

3000m obstacle: Xu Shuangshuang

400-meter hurdles: Mo Jiadie

High jump: Lu Jiawen

Pole Vault: Li Ling, Niu Chunge, Xu Huiqin

Shot put: Gong Lijiao, Song Jiayuan, Zhang Linru

Discus: Feng Bin

Hammer: Li Jiangyan, Luo Na, Zhao Jie

Javelin: Liu Shiying, Lu Huihui

20km race walk: Liu Hong, Ma Zhenxia, ​​Qieyang Shijie,

Wu Quanming

35km race walk: Li Maocuo, Ma Li, Sister Qieyang Shi,

Yin Lamei

4x100m relay: Cai Yanting, Ge Manqi, Li He,

Liang Xiaojing, Lin Yuwei, Wei Yongli

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