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Liu Shiwen retired due to injury, why Wang Manyu was ordered in danger

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Liu Shiwen retired due to injury, why Wang Manyu was ordered in danger

Same as Mima Ito’s nemesis with Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha

On August 1, the Tokyo Olympics table tennis team competition kicked off. Liu Shiwen, the main national table tennis player, finally regretted that he missed the Olympic team game due to a recurrence of injuries. Young player Wang Manyu played as a substitute.

Off the bench

National Ping Pong team started the P card contest for the first time

According to the original plan, Liu Shiwen played in the mixed doubles and women’s team competitions at the Tokyo Olympics. Prior to this, Liu Shiwen and Xu Xin played in the mixed doubles final. He fought hard for 7 games, and was finally reversed by the Japanese combination Mizutani Hayabusa/Ito Mima 3-4. Olympic mixed doubles champion. Regrettably, after receiving a silver medal, Liu Shiwen burst into tears in the Olympic arena.

It is reported that after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games began to implement the ITTF P card (valid certificates held by the substitute players in the event of an accidental injury to the athlete and unable to continue participating in the competition), the National Table Tennis team started P card players for the first time. Now, because of the recurrence of the injury, Liu Shiwen finally regretted that she missed the Olympic team competition again, and the 22-year-old teenager Wang Manyu came off the bench.

Wang Manyu’s characteristic is that the right hand horizontal board on both sides of the anti-adhesive arc circle combined with a fast attack style of play, good at backhand twisting and tearing straight lines. She was the women’s singles champion of the 2014 World Youth Championship. At the beginning of 2018, she won the qualification to participate in the World Cup team competition through the “7 Select 2” competition in the team at the beginning of 2018. She became a world champion from the World Youth Championship. He defeated Mima Ito twice at the Hong Kong and China Opens to win the championship. In 2018, Wang Manyu won his first national championship singles gold medal.

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Defeated Chen Meng in an Olympic simulation game

Entering 2020, with the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, Wang Manyu has enough time to compete. In the Hainan Olympic simulation game, Wang Manyu defeated Chen Meng, thus ending the 9-game losing streak of Chen Meng after the Asian Games. But lost to Sun Yingsha in the final. After the game, Wang Manyu concluded: “I am a person who is concerned about gains and losses, and I am more entangled. What is reflected in the game is that I can’t get it at the most critical time.”

In 2021, the Tokyo Olympics list will be released, and Wang Manyu will participate in the Olympics as a team P card player. This result is obviously a bit disappointing for Wang Manyu, who dreams of becoming a candidate for the Olympic Games. But Wang Manyu quickly adjusted her mentality. She said: “Be prepared for the Tokyo Olympics and be ready to show your perfect self when the team needs me.” In the face of pressure, Wang Manyu prepared for the game with the mood to be ready to play at all times. “This is the first time I have truly invested and participated in the preparations for the Olympics, doing what I should do. This is a very precious section. experience.”

Lineup characteristics

Are the nemesis that Mima Ito fears most

After the adjustment, the national table tennis lineup is even younger. Chen Meng is 27 years old, Wang Manyu is 22 years old, and Sun Yingsha is 21 years old. Judging from their combat records, they have a common feature: they are all Ito Mima’s most feared nemesis. Prior to this, Wang Manyu and Ito Mima have played against each other 10 times. Wang Manyu has 8 wins and 2 losses, occupying an absolute advantage. Mima Ito once spoke highly of Wang Manyu: “The player Wang Manyu is very aggressive. The serve she gave me made it difficult for me to fight back, and I still need to work hard.”

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In the first match of the women’s table tennis team on the afternoon of the 1st, Wang Manyu made his third appearance and easily defeated Liu Yuan of the Austrian team 3-0. Together with his two teammates, he easily defeated his opponent Austria by a total score of 3 to 0 and successfully completed his first appearance in the Tokyo Olympics. In the past three Olympic Games, the national table tennis achieved the women’s team three consecutive championships. The goal of this Tokyo Olympics is naturally to successfully defend the championship. We hope that Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, and Wang Manyu can perform well in the team competition.

Text/Photo courtesy of our reporter Zhou Xueshuai/Xinhua News Agency


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