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Liu Shiwen withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics Wang Manyu substitute due to injury_china table tennis team

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Original title: Liu Shiwen withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics due to injury and Wang Manyu as a substitute

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, August 1st (Reporters Su Bin and Zhang Han) ITTF reported on the 1st that Liu Shiwen, a Chinese table tennis player, withdrew from the Tokyo Olympic Games women’s table tennis team competition due to a relapse of an elbow injury.

According to the news, according to the Olympic table tennis competition rules, each participating team can have 1 substitute athlete (P card) to replace the injured or sick athlete. The Chinese Olympic Committee has officially submitted an application to the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee to enable P-card athletes to participate in the competition. Wang Manyu will replace Liu Shiwen in the competition. ITTF reviewed it and confirmed that the documents are in compliance.

Li Sun, the head coach of the Chinese women’s table tennis team, said in an interview that after the mixed doubles match on July 26, Liu Shiwen immediately devoted himself to the intense preparations for the team competition. But affected by the old elbow injury, Liu Shiwen felt very uncomfortable during the training process and reported the situation to the coaching staff. The coaching staff attaches great importance to and pays close attention to Liu Shiwen’s situation, and immediately asked the medical team of the regiment department to make a diagnosis. According to the opinion of the medical officer of the regiment department, starting from the basic principle of protecting athletes, it was decided to submit an emergency substitution application.

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Li Xuan said that Liu Shiwen, who went to the Olympic Games for the second time, suffered repeated injuries in the past two days. The team has been helping her to recover and adjust. She also actively conducts recovery training, showing the firm will of a veteran and setting up a strong will for the team. Good role model.

In the table tennis team competition of the Olympic Games, each participating team has 1 P-card athlete quota, which is used to substitute for the team player in case of emergency injury, illness or other special circumstances, to ensure the integrity of the team’s team lineup.

The ITTF approved the Chinese team’s application. ITTF Media and Marketing Director Matthew Pound said that it is a pity that Liu Shiwen cannot continue to participate in the next competition due to the recurrence of her elbow injury. Her spirit of fighting and persevering in the Olympics deserves everyone’s respect. I wish her a speedy recovery and return to the game.

Liu Shiwen felt very sorry that she could not continue to compete due to the recurrence of injuries. She said that thank you very much for your care and support for her and the Chinese table tennis team. I hope you understand this decision made by yourself and the team, continue to pay attention to the Chinese team’s game, cheer for every participant, and look forward to the Chinese team’s future. Achieve good results.

The Tokyo Olympics women’s table tennis tournament began on the 1st, and the first opponent of the Chinese team was the Austrian team. (Finish)Return to Sohu to see more

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