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Liverpool preview: Salah’s milestone impact miraculous coach Gerrard against Go

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Original title: Liverpool Preview: Salah’s milestone impact miraculous coach Gerrard against Go

At 23:00 on December 13th, Beijing time, the 16th round of the 2021-2022 Premier League began, and Liverpool faced Aston Villa at Anfield Stadium. In this game, Salah is expected to complete 550 milestones in his career and strive to score 14 consecutive league rounds; Mane is expected to score in double figures for 6 consecutive seasons, becoming the 12th player in Liverpool’s history to achieve this. It is worth mentioning that the legendary Liverpool captain Gerrard will return to Anfield for the first time as an opponent of the Red Army. He will be the head coach of Aston Villa and strive to score all three points away.

Confrontation record

In the history of the two clubs, there were a total of 197 clashes. Liverpool had 98 wins, 40 draws and 59 losses and had the absolute upper hand, with 90 wins, 40 draws and 56 losses in the league. Liverpool’s past 11 matches against Aston Villa have evenly divided the wins and losses. The Reds have achieved 7 wins and 4 losses, but there are many 0-5 and 2-7 defeats to Aston Villa. In the second leg of the Premier League last season, Liverpool beat Aston Villa 2-1 at Anfield Stadium and won three consecutive home games. The previous 6 home records were only 1 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. In the middle of this week, Liverpool’s Champions League away game against AC Milan 2-1, won six straight games, including the Premier League four consecutive victories; Aston Villa 2-1 at home against Crest City last weekend.

Confrontation record

Aspect 1: Salah milestone and strive to score goals in 14 consecutive league rounds

This season, Salah’s competitive status has exploded. He played 21 times in all competitions and scored 20 goals and 9 assists. Among them, he scored 13 goals and 9 assists in the Premier League, leading the league scorer list and assist list. Statistics show that Salah has scored in the past 13 league games and scored 12 goals and 7 assists. In the history of the Premier League, it is second only to Leicester City striker Vardy, who has participated in 15 consecutive league games. second. If Salah can score in this game, he will surpass Liverpool’s old Husky career record of 110 goals in the Premier League and tie or surpass Dublin’s 111 goals in the Premier League. It is worth mentioning that if Salah gets a chance to play, then this will be the 550th appearance in his career, including 474 club matches and 75 national team matches, totaling 549 games with 264 goals.

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Aspect 2: Liverpool strives for 7 consecutive wins in the race

After losing to West Ham 2-3 in the Premier League away game, coach Klopp quickly brought Liverpool back on track. He has won a record in the past 6 games, followed by a 4-0 victory over Arsenal at home in the league and a 2-0 victory at home in the Champions League. -0 victory over Porto, a 4-0 home sweep of Southampton in the league, a 4-1 win over Everton in the league away game, a 1-0 win over Wolves in the league away game and a 2-1 reversal of AC Milan in the Champions League away game. Statistics show that the last time Liverpool won a seven-game winning streak dates back to the end of last season and the beginning of this season. Liverpool completed a seven-game winning streak in the Premier League across the season. If it was a 7-game winning streak in the same season, the last time Liverpool had such a record would have to be traced back to the 2019-2020 season when they won the Premier League first title.

Aspect 3: Mane strives to score in double figures for 6 consecutive seasons in the Red Army career

In the Liverpool League home game against Aston Villa, if Mane scores, then he will complete the miracle of scoring double figures for 6 consecutive seasons in the Red Army career! In the history of the Liverpool team, Roger Henderson (10 seasons), Ian Rush (9 seasons), Gordon Hodgson (9 seasons), Dalglish (7 seasons), Irving ( 7 seasons), Gerrard (6 seasons), Fowler (6 seasons), St. John’s (6 seasons), Kevin Keegan (6 seasons), Toshak (6 seasons) and Eleven legends such as Niuwenjos (6 seasons) have done this. This season, despite the decline in his competitive form, Mane has scored a lot. He has played 21 times in all competitions and scored 9 goals. Statistics show that Mane-Liverpool played 4 times in his career against Aston Villa, scoring 4 goals and 1 assist.

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Aspect 4: Gerrard’s first opponent as Liverpool

As the legendary captain of Liverpool, Gerrard played for the Red Army first team for 17 years. After leaving in the summer of 2015, he joined the Los Angeles Galaxy as a free agent. He played in the American League for two more seasons and then announced that he would hang up his boots. Between 2017 and 2018, Gerrard returned to Liverpool and became the head coach of the Red Army U18 team. In the summer of 2018, Gerrard was invited by the Glasgow Rangers to start a first-team coaching career, and led the team to end the Celtics hegemony last season and win the Soviet Super League championship. Earlier, Gerrard returned to the Premier League and became the coach of Aston Villa, leading the team to 3 wins and 1 loss in 4 games. Today, Gerrard leads Aston Villa as a guest at Anfield. This is also his first time as an opponent to play at Liverpool. The legendary captain of the Red Army has already let go, and will not miss the old feelings, and will try his best to lead the team to take all 3 points.

Pre-match public opinion

Liverpool coach Klopp: I know that Gerrard said’no feelings’. He is an experienced coach, but he doesn’t know how he will feel when he walks into this stadium. It’s the first time I come back. A similar thing happened in Mainz. This will be a wonderful story. I can’t imagine how he feels. He is an experienced head coach and knows exactly how to handle the game, but he may not know what it will feel like. 99.9% of Liverpool’s people are Gerrard’s friends, and that 0.1% just haven’t met him yet. Will Gerrard coach Liverpool? I think this is something that will happen, but it will happen at the right time.

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Aston Villa coach Gerrard: Personally, I really respect and understand all the voices in the game, because I want to return to a club where I have played for many years. I am happy for several reasons. Obviously, I have a good relationship with many people in Liverpool. I had a great time there and a great journey. Of course, I also have the opportunity to go there to compete with an excellent team, an excellent coach, and have the opportunity to try to win the game, this is my only concern. In my opinion, I want to prepare the team in the best possible way and work hard for Aston Villa to achieve positive results. This is my way. Everyone in that stadium knew me very well, they knew what I was doing, and they knew what I was going to do at Anfield.

Injury report

Liverpool: Elliott (injured), Jones (injured), Phillips (injured), Firmino (injured)

Aston Villa: Bertrand Traore (injured), Leon Bailey (injured), Trezeguet (new crown isolation), Targat (suspected), Ramsey (injured) suspect)

Predicted starter

Liverpool (4-3-3): 1-Allison/66-Arnold, 4-Van Dijk, 32-Matipu, 26-Robertson/14-Henderson, 3-Fabinho, 6-Tia Ge/11-Salah, 20-Zota, 10-Mane

Aston Villa (4-3-3): 1-Damian-Martinez / 2-Cash, 4-Consa, 5-Mins, 18-Ashley-Young / 7-McGinn , 19-Nakamba, 6-Douglas-Louis/21-El Gazi, 11-Watkins, 10-BundiaReturn to Sohu to see more


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