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Loew is likely to use the tactics of the main German team against France or fine-tuned_Kimigda

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Original title: Loew has a high probability of following the French main German team’s tactics or fine-tuning

(Transfer from sports arena+)Qin Youxia, All Media Reporter, Sports Weekly

Information summary of the German team on June 19:

1. Loew said that he must at least draw a tie with Portugal and hold the hope of qualifying in his own hands. He praised that Portugal is stronger in conducting the ball than France, and even has a better lineup depth. After Loew took over as the coach, he won all three matches with Portugal, winning 8-2 goals.

2. Loew does not expect to change the formation. The personnel will likely continue to use the 11 people in the first round. He said that even if the formation does not change, some tactical adjustments can be made. Loew emphasized that after attacking the third zone, he will put more pressure on his opponents, and the player’s handling of the ball and the occupation of space will be different from before. As mentioned in the previous article, Havertz, Muller and Gnabry are not very complementary in tropism. They all like to go to the middle, but the sideways cannot provide depth. If they are still the three of them, they can only look forward to a new look.

3. Gorecka has been absent for five or six weeks, and there is basically no possibility of starting. Love said that Gorecka’s style of play cannot require him to go from 0 to 100 at once, but a choice in the course of the game.

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4. Kimmich will still be a right-wing guard with a high probability. He himself expressed his willingness to sacrifice himself for the benefit of the team, but it is difficult to say whether this sacrifice is a blessing or a curse for the German team. In the past, Kimmich played right back, also under the four-back system, and there was a teammate in front of him who could connect and cooperate on the wing. Today, the requirement is to go straight up and down, and the absolute speed is not the longest. Brother Ji himself prefers to play in the middle, because here he is closer to the average distance of each teammate and has more chances to touch the ball to influence the game.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo has not scored against Germany 4 times, second only to 6 times against France without scoring. In these 4 games, Cristiano Ronaldo had a total of 23 shots and returned without success. The confrontation success rate was only 37%, and 10 headers were only won 1 time. In 2012 and 2014, Boateng’s defense against Cristiano Ronaldo was very successful. Will you miss Ah Pain especially at this time?

6. Bierhoff praised Flick as one of the best coaches in the world: he knows how to lead a team forward. Flick will not reinvent a German team, but it will be different from Loew in many ways. I believe that the German team can return to the top of the world under the leadership of Flick.

7. In the first game against France, Germany only received a yellow card for Kimmich. Since the yellow card will be cleared after the quarter-finals, Kimmich needs to be careful not to get a second yellow card and be suspended.Return to Sohu to see more

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