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Lubricating Power on the Olympic Track, Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants Speak International Olympic Day-Qianlong.com.cn

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Lubricating Power on the Olympic Track, Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants Speak International Olympic Day-Qianlong.com.cn

Source Title: Lubricating Power on the Olympic Track Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants Speak International Olympic Day

June 23 is the “International Olympic Day”. With the joint efforts of all member states, the Tokyo Summer Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics have been successfully held successively, realizing the continuous inheritance of the Olympic torch and showing that people around the world yearn for peaceful development and have the courage to The Olympic spirit of overcoming difficulties and challenging the limits. Today, the International Olympic Committee and member states will commemorate this special day in different ways. Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant, as the only “Double Olympics” brand in the lubrication industry, also made a special voice to send sincere blessings to the Olympics and cheer for the Olympics. Expressed the Olympic feelings of joining hands with the Olympics, on each other’s track, and jointly promoting the Olympic spirit; looking forward to sharing with the Olympic banner, demonstrating the responsibility of an international lubrication enterprise, challenging the limits of lubrication technology, serving the society, and being the best self.

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Continue to surpass yourself in the endless movement

In the Olympics, sports is a challenge to the limits of human beings, maybe four years of hard training, just for that 0.01 second improvement. It is this kind of constant challenge to himself that made the teenager Gu Ailing a blockbuster on the free ski jumping platform, and made Chinese Olympic athletes break the Olympic record in the Winter Olympics. The growth road of Great Wall Lubricant is also the continuous surpassing of itself. When China‘s aerospace expedition to the sea of ​​stars, Great Wall Lubricants spent countless sleepless nights to overcome the technical barriers of rockets, satellites, and space stations, and developed a series of special lubricants with low temperature resistance, high load and high stability. Escort for major scientific research projects such as lunar exploration and Mars exploration. In order to ensure the stable operation of Fuxing at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, Great Wall Lubricant has carried out a “long-distance running” for three years. The bench test of 7 million kilometers and the driving test of 600,000 kilometers have achieved a breakthrough in long-life gearbox oil for 350-kilometer high-speed rail. When the goal of “achieving carbon peak in 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality in 2060” was put forward, Great Wall Lubricant fully devoted itself to breakthroughs in clean lubrication technology, and the new generation of Great Wall Jinjixing SP-class new products fully met the National VI Standard and challenged the oil change cycle of 20,000 kilometers. , which strongly supports the green carbon reduction goal of China‘s auto industry…

As Zhang Chunhui, Deputy General Manager of Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. said: “Technology leadership and product leadership are the corporate development strategies that Great Wall Lubrication has always adhered to. As a technology-driven company, we believe that when Chinese companies break through the ceiling of technology, future Chinese brands will definitely be unique in the market.”

Double Olympic brands on and off the field and the Olympic Games to encourage each other

The natural sports genes and the innate spirit of challenge have made Great Wall Lubricant and the Olympics achieve spiritual resonance. With its profound technical background and pioneering spirit in the field of lubrication, Great Wall Lubricant has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Became the official oil for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the official lubricant for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Before and after the two Olympic ceremonies, Great Wall Lubricants provided professional lubrication and maintenance work for Olympic venues, Olympic supporting construction projects, construction engineering equipment, event transportation service vehicles and other equipment and equipment for many times. Biodegradable grease, HV46 low-temperature hydraulic oil, HS32 Cold region lubricating grease products such as ultra-low temperature hydraulic oil have been highly praised by users. Great Wall Lubricant also actively used the advantages of the “Double Olympics” brand to carry out a series of public welfare activities aimed at promoting the spirit of sports and promoting the ecological and environmental protection concept of “green Olympics”.

In April 2021, during the preparation stage for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Great Wall Lubricants released the “Clean Winter Olympics Strategy”, took the initiative to undertake the important task of disseminating Olympic culture, and continued to organize “Three 100 Clean Lubrication and Refueling Groups”. A series of public welfare activities for the Winter Olympics, such as “Come on for the Winter Olympics, realize the dream of ice and snow, and Sinopec Lights up the Hope Action”, created a strong cultural atmosphere of the Winter Olympics with the participation of the whole people and the joint construction of the whole people. During the Winter Olympics, Great Wall Lubricants maintained the high standard and high-quality service level formed during the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, and successfully completed the task of ensuring supply.

Stephen Greenblatt described the challengers and climbers of different periods of mankind in his book The Great Turn – “Let’s try and see how high we can fly before the sun melts the wax on our wings. “. Today, this famous saying has become another interpretation of the Olympic spirit. Looking back on the history of the human Olympic Games, each great name has jointly practiced the most simple sports spirit, strived to use sports, challenged the limits of physical fitness, and promoted the harmony of mankind. On the track to overcome mechanical friction and achieve better lubricating effect, Sinopec Great Wall Lubricants will continue to aim at “clean, efficient, low-carbon and recycling”, practice the concept of green development, and share with the Olympic spirit!

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