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M5s, Conte al Pd: “Dialogue possible if you take sides with the weakest” – Politics

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M5s, Conte al Pd: “Dialogue possible if you take sides with the weakest” – Politics

Rome, 28 July 2022 – The resumption of a political dialogue between the 5 Star Movement and the Democratic party it can only be there if the Dems choose to be “with the weakest”. Even if not in this election campaign, Giuseppe Conte does not exclude the start of a new future political phase with the now former government allies, but dictates the conditions, first and foremost that of abandoning the Draghi agenda, embracing instead an authentically social and ecological agenda: “There will be the conditions only if the Democratic Party wants to take sides in favor of the weakest – said the leader of the pentastellati in a long interview to Tpi.it -, of work, of the youngest, of women “.

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Draghi it did some good things, but left us disappointed on many fronts. And certainly on the international and European front we would have expected more courage and determination“, Conte said talking about a government crisis in which the Democratic Party gave the” gunshot that started the crisis, that is, the Rome incinerator. This government crisis came after a government born for two emergencies (pandemic and PNRR ed.) Pretended to move forward in the face of new emergencies without wanting to share a work agenda with the majority forces and without showing itself available to a confrontation with Parliament “.

Conte stressed that he did not “look for this situation, I did not provoke it. However, I take full responsibility for the fact that the agenda that we must pursue must be a social and ecological one. And we have not received any answers from anyone. , but indeed we found indifference even from the Democratic Party “.

Giuseppe Conte at the national assembly of Coldiretti (ImagoEconomica)

“The field” of the Movement “is open to those who care about constitutional principles and are not willing to trade them for the prestige of a single person”, Conte pointed out. “And we are open to all components of civil society who believe that substantial equality is fundamental, as stated in Article 3 of the Italian Constitution. Michele Santoro? We will certainly speak with him too. “

They are Alessandro By BattistaConte explained that “with him the discourse is a little different. He made a strong contribution to the history of the Movement, then he left. If he returns, he will find a new course. It will no longer be like in the beginning, without a structure. It will have to accept new statutory rules “.

Building a 600-ton waste-to-energy plant in Rome “for me is madness. Who would make his son live next to a waste-to-energy plant?”, Said Conte, this time a guest on Twitch of Ivan Grieco’s channel. The waste solution for the capital is to “try to create operational nuclei for municipalities rather than a single management for such a large city. There is a mistake in perspective. We keep saying ‘as things are today’. But this is not a solution for today, if all goes well, the construction time of a waste-to-energy plant is 7-8 years. We see piles of garbage on the street, wild boars, and the new administration does not solve the problems “.

On the debate regarding Salvini, Russia and the long shadows on the crisis, Conte said: “We cannot leave elements of opacity. The Lega and Salvini must clarify these news in the institutional forums, we cannot allow opacity to occur in such a moment. delicate. Italy is involved in supporting Ukraine, it must not offer any support to Russian propaganda “.

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